How to Prepare for CBSE 10th and 12th Board Exams

With less than a month left for the board exams, a lot of you must be wondering or might be getting nervous, on how to prepare for the exams. You must have finished your entire syllabus a lot of time, but now you think that you do not remember anything. Do not panic. If you really have learned everything, then you won’t forget. Just have confidence in yourself, as this is no time to panic. Board exams are extremely crucial as it is the next and the most important step that decides your future. So stay calm during the exams, and give it your best, as we all know that ‘hard work pays off’. Here are few tips for you on How to Prepare for CBSE 10th and 12th Board Exams.

Make a Time Table for your study schedule

It might sound, annoying, but having a time table right in front is very important during the peak time. Divide your subjects and make a time table from morning till night including the breaks. It will surely give you motivation to study and make sure that the study hours are not long; rather they are of 45 minutes with a ten minutes break after every 45 minutes for a recreational activity. Try to stick to it and you will surely see the difference.

Find a quiet place to study

During this time, it is very important to find a corner or any calm place in your house, where there is less noise or noise at all and study there. It will help you concentrate.

Solve the Question Papers

You have finished studying all your subjects and now t is the time for you to start solving question papers, and without cheating. If the time to solve for a question paper is three hours make sure you set an alarm and follow the exam pattern. After you finish solving the papers, check it and see what all you do not know and revise it again. It will give you a lot of confidence when you are actually giving your exam.

Stay Hydrated

While preparing for your exams, it is very important to stay hydrated and drink healthy juices or whatever you like from time to time, as they will give you energy and will also allow your mind to focus and grasp more stuff.

Eat Healthy and light

It is another important thing, which one must keep in mind while preparing for the exams. Eat light and healthy and never overeat as it will make you just-drowsy. So eat good, healthy and light food and study for your exams.

Make points

When you are studying or revising a chapter, make sure to make pointers of that particular chapter, do not write lengthy sentences but small-small points, which you can read easily and quickly. This will help in your final preparation for the exam and it will be your last minute revision before the exam.

Take proper sleep

A minimum of 6 hours sleep is needed for a growing child and for allowing your brain to function properly the next day. Do not force yourself to stay up if you are sleeping only to learn something, trust, it won’t go inside your hand and you will end up wasting both your sleep and time. So sleep on time so that the next day you’re wide and fresh and you can study more.


Whenever you finish one particular chapter, take a break and just go through it roughly once. If while turning the page you realize that you don’t remember something then never panic. Go ahead and start with another, as sometimes the mind fails to recollect. Then next day the first thing you should is to revise what you did the previous day. It will help you remember it more thoroughly.

Discuss with your friends

Discuss with your friends

It is very important when you just speak out whatever you learnt as it gives you the confidence that you remember the things. You can discuss it with your friends in very simple terms as they are just 5 years old, you will start imaging things and it will help you remember it thoroughly. And if they are not interested or busy, explain what you learnt either to your mother or your elder sibling or a younger one. This will surely help you in remembering whatever you learnt and will give you the confidence when you finally give your exam and you can write your papers with Confidence.

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