How to Come up with A Concept for Your Video Ads

Did you know that, according to HubSpot, 91% of people believe ads to be intrusive and don’t want to see them? It seems a bit of a paradox then to be talking about making video ads. How are you going to tell people about your awesome brand and product though? It’s not that ads are bad but instead, the content is wrong. Essentially, hard selling is over. These days, you need to be strategic and let people come to you. An online video editor is a great tool to do just that. You can even get inspired with various video templates that are personal, fun or interesting. People will then want to talk about your videos and to share them so that people come running.

Designing Ads to Create with your online Video Editor 


Like most things, making great ads with a video maker means doing some planning as detailed below:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • Check your data analytics
  • Brainstorm
  • Research your competitors
  • Review with unbiased people

Who are you Targeting? 

What does your audience need to know? Perhaps you’re answering a question or a problem with your product or service? When you make a video, try to imagine yourself as your ideal buyer and visualize what they want to see. What words and feelings do you want to include into your online video? You have so many graphics, features and images to choose from in your video editor tool so let your creativity go wild.

Check your Data Analytics 

Assuming you already have a website or a social media channel then you’ll have some data analytics. Don’t worry if you don’t have this yet but if you do, it’s a great place to get started. Even the most basic analytics gives you the location of where people are who are coming to your site. Then you can do some research into local preferences and general life to give you ideas of what to include when you make a video.


Yes, this technique still works and it’s fun, especially for video creation. Before you make your first video though, share your overall plan with your team or friends and ask them what other ideas they might include. It’s worth also noting that there are several ways to actually do brainstorming.

The most well-known approach to brainstorm and generally edit videos is to just let people shout out their thoughts. Unfortunately though, this tends to put off the more introvert amongst us. You can therefore mix it up by asking people to put one idea per post-it note that’s then placed on a wall. This also helps the exercise become more visual which some people prefer for boosting their creativity.

Research your Competitors 

Some people find this odd but you should absolutely know what you’re up against when launching a free video. This is not about copying but about discovering what not to do or how to be different. You’ll also be surprised at how many random ideas you’ll generate that can help you create videos. Furthermore, social media encourages us to build communities so discovering what appeals to people through those groups can also give you ideas for growing your own following.

Review with Unbiased People

Naturally, you’ll get feedback from your friends but remember that most friends just want to please you and won’t give honest feedback. Therefore, when you make a video, think about different people or friends of friends who can critique your first video so that you can use that feedback before you upload your video online.

How an Online Video Editor Produces Amazing Video Ads

Once you have your ad design, you might be curious as to how a video editor actually enables you to produce it so you can easily download it to social media. Check out the key traits explained below:

  • Video templates
  • Music library
  • Features

Video Templates

You literally have millions of templates to choose from. Don’t see this as an overwhelming thing though because it’s very easy to search what you want. Once you’ve done your research and you know what keywords your viewers are going to use then you can apply those same words to searching for your perfect templates. You’ll soon discover that they have the perfect blend of images and colors to generate different emotions and so engage with viewers. All you have to do is to customize as little or as much as you want.

Music Library

It’s important to make sure that your online videos work with audio both on and off. This makes your videos more inclusive and it also allows people to view them when browsing in public. Either way, you should still include some audio tracks either from the video editor library or from your own. There’s something about music that enhances mood when you create videos so don’t ignore it.


Different video editing software has various features. Some are clearly more simple than others and whilst many are free, you can usually subscribe for tens of dollars per month to open up more features. Either way, you can expect anything from animations and GIFs to speed, color or brightness adjustments.

Final Recommendations for Making Ads with an Online Video Editor 

Creating video ads involves some planning and research. You don’t have to do it alone though because you can generate creative ideas simply by browsing any video editor library of templates. Of course, you should also lean on your friends for feedback as well as your data analytics. Once you’re researched your competitors, you should also have a general idea of what you can do differently. Then, work with your online video editor and let it do the hard work of ensuring you a high-quality output.






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