How to choose the right hair dryer for your hair:

All hair dryers were created equally. With time flying, many high-end brands made hair dryers more luxurious and more friendly to different types of hair all over the world. There are many factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new hairdryer. One needs to consider hair length, texture, the porous character of the hair, and also the curl pattern. The ideal hairdryer will strengthen your tresses, decrease the chances of winding up and fried hair. The key elements of choosing the best dryer for your hair are its wattage, weight, material, and also special features according to your needs. The following elements should be gone through before purchasing a hairdryer.

1) The material of the blow dryer:  Blow dryers are made of different materials for the needs of different types of hair from various brands.

For thick, frizzy hair: For the unmanageable frizzy hair, the best option for a hairdryer is ionic or tourmaline one. Thick hair tends to dry up very slowly because the water in the scalp doesn’t get enough air under the layer of thick hair. The negative ions from the ionic or tourmaline hair dryer break the water droplets for faster drying. The fizziness goes away from the tourmaline interior. If you have thin hair, avoid using an ionic or tourmaline hair dryer, it will dry up the scalp too much, which is unhealthy for hair. An ionic and tourmaline hair dryer is more expensive than the normal one.

For thin and dry hair: Blow dryers with plastic or metal interior and coated with porcelain or ceramic is ideal for dry and thin hair. This type of hair dryer controls the heat level, which can affect the fragile hair.

For dull and heavy hair: A dull hair is likely to get more damaged if it’s heated for a longer time. And heavy hair is very difficult to dry faster. To cut off the drying process of dull hair, a titanium hair dryer is ideal. It gives steady and consistent heat for drying hair faster.

2) The wattage of the hair dryer: The wattage of a dryer controls the time to dry up. The more wattage means, the motor rotates more and gives excess heat. Hairdryers with power 1500 and more are best for the hair. If you have frizzy and thick hair, opt for a hairdryer with more power.

3) Weight of hair dryer: A lightweight hairdryer is easy to hold. One can dry hair more easily if the dryer is easy to hold. So, a dryer about 1 pound weight is best in the market.

4) Cool settings to control frizz: The unmanageable frizzy is likely to get dull during drying. To make your fizzes smooth and shiny, opt for a hairdryer with cool settings. It gives out cool air when your hair is nearly dried. It locks the cuticles to make hair smoother and silkier.

5) Hairdryer with a diffuser for curly hair: A diffuser is an extra attachment to the hairdryer. It gives heat in a large area to lock the texture. A diffuser is ideal for curly hair as it controls the texture and controls blowing up.

6) Concentrator nozzle to straightening hair: A concentrator nozzle hairdryer sprays concentrated air for straightening the hair. It emits air in a downward direction.






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