How to Check Land Records of Odisha?

In its endeavour to make the land records available online, the Indian government has introduced a system of making the same available online. Different states have different government websites in which you can easily check the records of rights on the land of a particular area of that state. In this article, we shall see the method of checking the land records in the Indian state of Odisha.

The online website where you can find all the information you need about the land records in Odisha is For checking the land records, you need to take the following steps:

Steps that Needs to be Followed for Checking the Land Records:

  • To begin with, log on to the Odisha government’s official website
  • You shall be asked to fill all important details such as district, Tahasil, village, as well as the RI circle. In the district column, select the district in which the plot is located. Similarly, the Tahasil of the home plot needs to be mentioned.
  • RI refers to the revenue circle and post selection of the required fields, you need to go ahead with the filling of the type of land. Selection needs to be made amongst the following options:
  • Khatiyan
  • Plot
  • Tenant
  • After this information, you will be asked to select the khata number and post clicking on the submit button, you shall get all the required information
  • The records of rights will easily be displayed on the screen. You can check both eth front side and the back side of the land record

The above steps can be used to check the bhulekh Odisha if you are an owner, or you want to buy any kind of land and want to check the authenticity of the same.

Thus, by digitalizing the system of land records, the Indian government has saved the masses from a lot of paper work and has made it extremely simple to check land records online.






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