How to Apply For The Voice India Kids 2017-18 Auditions, Registration Guidelines

Kids always get special attention from everyone and they have some special talents which needs to be showcased in front of everyone so that they can rise ahead in life. Voice India Kids is one such reality show which finds out the young talent who are interested in the field of singing and vocals. It is one of the biggest platform for singers who have a natural voice and understands the meaning of songs and chords. The Voice India Kids is telecasted every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm. Shekhar Rajviani, Shaan and Neeti Mohan are the judges to the show who are extremely talented and they find out the best of the best.

The hosts of the show are Sugandha Mishra and Jay Bhanushali and they can capture the hearts of people with amazement and people also get engrossed in the show. The kids aged 6 -14 years are selected for the show. The concept of the show is inspired by the international show “The Voice”. There are basically three rounds in the show from where contestants are eliminated and the one who survives till the end wins the competition. This will the second season of the competition and the first one was a big hit.

The Voice India Kids

Voice India Kids 2017

The prize money of the competition is Rs. 2, 50,000 and the one who wins it will get an opportunity to get a bigger platform for their singing talent. The season may start from May first or April last. The exact date is not known to people as of yet. There are two ways of getting an entry into Voice India Kids 2017.

  • IVR Entry
  1. The first way of getting an entry into the competition is by giving a miss call on the VMN number to The city from which the participant is has to be selected so that it gets easy for the ones who are into the procedure of selection.
  2. After giving a missed call on the VMN number, an SMS will be received by the participant where the participants will be provided with registration ID, date, address, time of audition along with all the instructions that are needed to be provided to the participants.
  • Entry through SMS
  1. The participants can also make a SMS entry into the competition. They just have to type in the name of the city from which they belong and send it to 57575.
  2. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the participants where they will be provided with the registration ID, name, address, time of audition, date, etc. All other important information will also be provided to the participants.
  • At the date of audition
  1. Two passport sized photographs and 1 valid ID card representing the age proof should be taken by the participants when they go on the date of the audition.
  2. The participants are also advised to bring one legal guardian with them when they come for the auditions.






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