How To Apply For MTV Splitsvilla 2017 Season 10 Auditions, Online Registration Guidelines

Introduced in 2008, MTV Splitsvilla has been a sensation among the youth. Though it is an Indian adaptation of the American dating reality show Flavor of Love, the contestants participating in it are Indian. As per the concept of the show, young boys and girls compete with each other in different tasks in order to secure their place in a fictional villa named as Splitsvilla. The boy and girl remaining at the end are declared as winners. Till now, the show has completed 9 seasons and its tenth is expected very soon.

Controversies brewing up and competition getting trickier, with each season, the show has become more exciting and is expected to bring a complete entertainment package this time too. From the previous panels of judges, the hosts this time are anticipated to be Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. If any changes are made in the panel of judges, you’ll be updated through this website. If you too are interested in applying for MTV Splitsvilla Season 10, here are the complete details about registration process, selection procedure and audition details.


MTV Splitsvilla

1. An applicant of MTV Splitsvilla must have each of the following prerequisites in order to proceed for audition. Read them carefully.

2. Must be 18 years old or above at the time of registration.

3. Physically & mentally strong (really).

3. Good looking with maintained bodice.

4. Must be single and not in relationship. No, it’s serious. In previous seasons, two candidates were terminated from the show on account of the fact they had boyfriend or girlfriend outside the show.

5. Must be honest and confident.

Registration & Audition Process

1. Open the Online Registration Form

The registration process for applying in the show is very simple. When the dates of the upcoming season are announced, simultaneously a registration form is uploaded on their However, for the coming season, the form hasn’t been uploaded yet.

2. First Task: Introduce Yourself

The online registration requires you to complete two tasks. The first one of them is to introduce you to the hosts. For this, you will have to create a short video of upto 5 minutes describing yourself and your personality in brief. You can also describe the reason why you want to participate in Splitsvilla. This offers more clarity to the persons on other side that you are the right candidate.

Next, upload this video on Youtube and submit them the link. You can stay logged on to to get information about the email or website to submit the link of the video.

3. Second Task: Dance in Public

The second task in the registration process of MTV Splitsvilla is to dance in some public place and woo a person of opposite gender from public to dance with you. During all this, make a short video of your act and performance. Again, upload this video on Youtube and send them the link provided at their website.

When you are filling in your details in the form, or speaking in the video, make sure that whatever you do should match with who you are truly. They do not appreciate dishonesty or copy-pasting.

Upon screening of your details and videos, if your name is shortlisted to participate in the show, you will receive a call from their team.






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