How to Apply for MTV Roadies 2017-18 Auditions Registration Guidelines

“Life is short. Make the most of it” says Rannvijay Singh, the host of the youth’s most favourite show, MTV Roadies. Started in 2003, the show quickly gained fame due to its wild drama, adventure, touch of travel and mostly, youth appeal. During the course of its procession, the show tests the physical and mental strengths of the participants. Roadies has produced some of the distinctive stars of film and music industry. One such notable star is Ayushmann Khurrana, best known as the former host of India’s Got Talent, the lead actor of Vicky Donor and the singer of Pani da Rang.

Today Roadies isn’t just a show, it has become a dream profession among the youth. If you too are crazy about becoming a roadie, following are the details of application procedure and auditions.

MTV Roadies


To be a participant in MTV Roadies, you’ll need to fulfil following criteria.

1. Age

Only persons aged equal or above 18 years are eligible to apply in Roadies.

2. Nationality

You need to be a native citizen of India to register for the show.

3. Documents

Since the show sometimes involves activities on road that may be dangerous, you need to have a valid driving licence for 2-wheelers. Also, for photo and details verification, you’ll have to show your passport before participation.

4. Personal Qualities

It is advised to enter the competition at your own risk because you may have to engage in tasks that require a very very strong mind.

Selection Process

Registration for Roadies starts in the month of October to November. Here‘re the step-by-step instructions.

1. Registration

The first step on your road to Roadies is its registration form. The form is uploaded on MTV Roadies’s official website. For upcoming season, you can check this website from time to time, or simply stay updated with us. The form can also be filled on the spot at the venues mentioned on the site.

2. Auditions

Next, you will have to perform in the auditions. The act for auditions may vary with the season and judges. In its 14th season, when Harbhajan Singh was one of the judges, the auditions round was carried out in the form of Group Discussions.

3. Personal Interviews

In final step, the judges will meet you personally to take your interview. There are thousands of candidates competing in this round. This makes it the trickiest part of the selection process. Also, this is the round that decides whether you will proceed ahead with them or not. And so, it’s always a good idea to prepare a little before you appear for the interview. Following tips may be of some help. Forge ahead.

  • Never Lie

During personal interviews, in auditions or even while filling up the form, make it a point that whatever you write is cent percent truth. In the past, several candidates have been out of the show only on the account of speaking lies. Write and speak only what you feel. If you are caught with a lie, you are sure shot out.

  • Use Decent Language

Never use abusive language in front of the judges. Abusive language doesn’t show free will. But an actual free will show in your language. So, be open minded from within but no need to brag about it externally.

  • Show Don’t Tell

If you have a specialized skill, don’t tell or write about it so much. Show them why you have that skill.

  • Just Be Yourself

The bottom line of all tips is, don’t try to become something. Just be cool and behave as you do normally. Despite of all your strengths or weaknesses, if you’re really made to be a Roadie, you’ll get an entry!

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