How to apply for GST Online in Delhi (GST Registration Procedure Guidelines)

GST is also known as Goods and Service Tax and India recently took a great step by upgrading to GST. GST is a common tax which would replace all types of different taxes which are being charged right now. The GST has already been implementing and a lot of work is going on to ensure that the transition to GST is smooth. The GST is levied by central as well as the state government and it will account for everything such as Excise Duty, Service Tax, VAT, Custom Duty etc. In this article, we have discussed several aspects of GST and the article will help you in updating your knowledge about the registration procedure for GST.

The first question that arises in mind of many people is that who needs to register for GST. There is a lot of confusion around the same but to make it easy, we have answered the question for you. The easy and clear answer to the question is that the person who is supplying goods and services of more than Rs 20 Lakhs needs to register for GST whereas if the person is supplying goods and services less than Rs 20 Lakhs, he doesn’t need to apply for GST.

Registration Procedure for GST

Step1: The first step is to create an account on GST website. This can be done by navigating to GSTN portal. The portal can be accessed by clicking here. Once the portal is displayed, the applicant now needs to click on the registration

GST Enrolment

Step2: Once the page for registration is displayed, the applicant needs to enter details such as email address, mobile number, PAN number. Once the details have been entered, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number and the applicant now needs to validate the OTP.

Step3: The next step is to enter the basic details and upload the documents required. The applicant needs to upload a photograph, partnership deed, and proof of principle place of business and bank account details of the business. These details can be submitted through Form GST REG – 02. Once the details have been entered, the applicant can now go ahead and submit the application.

Step4: In the next step, the application will automatically be routed to the GST officer for the verification. The officer will verify all the details that have been entered by the applicant. If all the details are correct, the application form will be processed and the GST Registration will be granted within 3 working days. If in case you do not hear anything from the GST officer, the status of the application should be considered as approved.

Step5: There is also a chance that there could be a deficiency in the documents submitted. In such a case, the GST officer will communicate the same to the GST officer within 3 working days and the information will be communicated with help of Form GST REG – 03. Once the applicant receives the communication, the applicant would have to go ahead and submit the required documents within 7 working days. These documents can be submitted with help of Form GST REG – 04

Step6: Once all the formalities have been met and the registration is complete, the certificate of registration will be issued in form of GST REG – 06. The same can be downloaded from GSTN portal through the login ID and the password which was created by the applicant in Step 1.

Please Note:If in case the business has a different branch in a different state, the registration needs to be done for each and every state.






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