How good is the Thyrocare blood test in Mumbai?

Mumbai is recognized as the second most populated city in India. Based on the latest Census report, the capital of Maharashtra has a total of 12,442,373 residents. These people enjoy the sights and sounds offered by the country’s commercial, financial, and entertainment capital.


Reports revealed that the city has the best healthcare in the country. It currently has 16 general hospitals, 26 specialty hospitals, five maternity homes, and 168 health posts. Several private hospitals also offer thyrocare packages in Mumbai to check patients’ overall health. But people still want to know the accuracy rate of the thyrocare blood test in the city.

What Are Blood Tests?

Doctors recommend blood tests to anyone who needs more assessment for various diseases and health conditions. It is also needed to determine their organ’s functions or as a marker to check if the current treatments are working.

Blood tests are often included in thyrocare packages in Mumbai. The procedure is generally quick and simple. Medical staff will need to take a small number of blood samples from the body by piercing a vein in the arm using a needle. The diagnostic facility will take the sample to the laboratory for evaluation.

What Are The Types Of Blood Tests?

There are different kinds of laboratory blood tests that doctors commonly require in Mumbai and other parts of the world. It includes:

#1: Complete Blood Count (CBC)

It is one of the most common types of blood tests used in diagnosing possible diseases. Most of the time, the CBC is required as part of a routine checkup. CBC tests can help detect various blood disorders and diseases like infections, anemia, clotting disorders, blood cancers, and immune system problems. It also measures the body’s Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and Platelets to check for abnormalities.

#2: Blood Chemistry/Basic Metabolic Panel

This type of test aims to measure various chemicals present in the blood. It is often done by getting samples of the plasma of the blood. It allows doctors to know different information regarding the muscles, bones, and vital organs. The BMP tests usually include blood glucose, electrolyte, and calcium evaluation. It also measures kidney functions. Some of these tests require people to do some fasting before the blood extraction.

#3: Blood Enzyme Tests

Blood enzyme tests are often required to help the doctors check whether the patients are at risk of a heart attack. It includes a creatinine kinase test and troponin test.

What To Expect After Blood Tests?

After the needle is withdrawn, the staff will ask you to put gentle pressure on the site using a piece of bandage or gauze. It will help stop the bleeding and prevent bruising and swelling in the extraction area. The patient must wait for a few hours to several weeks to get the results. The average waiting time will depend on the type of tests done. If the markers showed signs of abnormalities in the blood, the doctor would prescribe medicines to treat the condition.

What Do Blood Tests Prove?

All blood tests can tell if the markers of different substances in the blood fall within the normal indicators. The doctor will discuss all the unusual findings found in the blood tests during the consultation. They will present various treatment options to help the patient normalize the blood markers and cure the possible disease.

How Reliable Is Blood Testing?

Most people are concerned about the reliability of blood testing in laboratories. But they should never worry because most clinical laboratory testing is done using strict and state-of-the-art regulatory standards. Thyrocare laboratories have the best reputation for providing accurate and affordable diagnostic tests in Mumbai and other parts of India. The company always ensures that they meet the strictest criteria to get the most accurate results.

It also earned accreditation from various organizations like the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). It also achieved certifications for high-quality services like the ISO 9001:2008 and Grade A by CRISIL. It means it guarantees that all the results are accurate and error-free. Highly skilled laboratory experts often conduct blood testing in Mumbai. These procedures are often done with utmost statistical analysis and strictest quality controls. Since medical testing is necessary for accurate diagnosis of most diseases, healthcare providers rely on it to cure their patients properly.

Those who are still unsure if their laboratory blood tests are accurate must only invest in the services from reliable laboratories like thyrocare that vow to provide high-quality, comprehensive diagnostic tests. It will be very useful to help doctors diagnose disease and health conditions accurately.






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