How Are Mathematical Concepts Interrelated?

In Mathematics, some concepts are interrelated. One theory is the basis for the development of other concepts. Let us discuss how Mathematical concepts are related to each other.

The word “probability” means the extent to which something is probable or the likelihood of something happening. In Mathematics too, the term “Probability” means the occurrence of an event. It can be expressed in a linear scale from 0 (impossibility) to 1(certainty). It is also expressed in terms of percentages from 0 to 100%. The analysis of events governed by probability is called “Statistics”.

The theory of Statistics is based on the concept of random variables and the probability theory. Statistics deals with the data, and it is used to describe that data. It helps to make inferences based on the data. The data can be easily analyzed using the probability distribution table. Since the probability table can not be printed for all the normal distribution, the Z-table is used to find the probabilities. There are two types of probability. One is a theoretical probability, and the other one is an experimental probability.

Theoretical probability is used to determine the chance of a particular outcome. It is a probability method to express the likelihood of some events going to occur. It is calculated by dividing the number of favourable results by the total number of possible outcomes. It means that the theoretical probability is what we expect to happen.

Experimental probability can be found using the data from experiments. It is also known as empirical probability. Experimental probability is equal to the number of times an event happens divided by the total number of experimental trials. It means that the experimental probability is what happens when we try it out.

Similarly, we can relate to trigonometry and geometry. Because the concept of trigonometry is mainly based on the right-angled triangle, one of the shapes of two-dimensional geometry. The shapes such as circle, trapezoid, cone are used in other Mathematical concepts. So, learning one mathematical theory in detail helps to understand other mathematical concepts quickly.






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