Here is how you can recycle old sarees and make beautiful pieces


Sarees are sentimental pieces of attire which are sometimes passed down across generations. You may have gotten a saree from your grandmother as a wedding or bought one from Style caret. Just as any other garment, they tend to get old after wearing them for some time. Fortunately, you don’t have to toss an old saree since they can be recycled and turned into useful pieces.

Apart from the comfort of a saree, it is both pocket-friendly and environmental-friendly. You can transform an old saree into a beautiful new piece. You need some creativity and efforts for you to come up with contemporary design from an old saree.

Recycling an old saree saves you extra costs since you can transform it from the comfort of your home. These pieces are known to be made from high-quality fabrics, and therefore they are easy to recycle.  Here are some of the ideas that you should try implementing to recycle an old saree.

Make a new saree out of an old one

Do you have a special saree that is slightly torn on the edges? You don’t have to toss it away since you can make a new saree out of it. Most old sarees get damaged around the pattu and border. You can easily fix this by ripping off the pattu border and stitching it up using a sequin.

Feel free to include some pom poms or tassels to your pattu to add some aesthetic value to the piece. If you cannot do it on your own, get the help of a tailor to help you make a new saree out of an old one.

Turn it into a salwar suit

salwar suit

Some designers make salwar suits from old sarees. You can also try this technique on your old saree even with damaged borders of the saree. Try to use the body part of your saree to make the top of the salwar suit.

Get patchwork borders and use them to make the hemline, sleeves and even the neckline of the salwar suit. If you have another old saree, you can use part of it to make the bottom of your dupatta.

Convert an old saree into a kurta

Do you have limited material to make an entire dress? You can still stitch your old saree into a kurta. Look for ways to match the piece with simple leggings, palazzo or even a dhoti pants as per the model of your kurta.

Create a half saree or a Lehenga    

If your old saree is partially damaged, you can make a Lehenga out of it. Try to use bits or pieces of the material to cut enough for your Lehenga. You can use the rest of the pieces to make the blouse.  Beef the Lehenga with sequin, borders or even embroidery to make it beautiful. Ensure that you follow a similar pattern for the dupatta and blouse.

A half saree is easy to make from an old saree for your child. You only need to cut the damaged areas and stitch the rest to create a piece that your daughter can wear.

Come up with a maxi dress

Do you own an old pattu or cotton saree? Transforming it into a maxi dress is easy. You only need to give it a makeover and wear it as a maxi dress during summer. A pattu saree is also easy to transform since it does not require a lot of pieces.

Make a skirt

If the upper part of your old saree is slightly damaged, you can convert it into a skirt by cutting the upper part. Add a band on the waist to tighten the loose edges and pair your new skirt with a tank top or a plain t-shirt.

Convert a chiffon saree to a kaftan kurta

An old chiffon saree can be transformed into a kaftan. We all love this type of kurta since it is elegant and comfortable. It is also airy to facilitate the circulation of air so that you don’t sweat a lot under excess heat.

You can also convert a georgette saree into a kaftan kurta by getting rid of damaged areas and stitching the sides to make it flow well on your body. Get a pair of leggings to complete the look.

Stitch dupattas from old sarees

Before you get rid of your mother’s saree, think about making a gorgeous dupatta from it. You don’t have to purchase a costly dupatta when you can make one from an old saree at no extra cost. Try to mix and match your pieces to make unique dupattas that look as good as new.

Make Anarkali dresses

You can also swap an old saree fabric to make an Anarkali dress. If you lack enough material for the bottom, you can try to match with a flowing dupatta or even a pair of plain leggings. Ensure that the top is sophisticated and the bottom is simple enough to avoid overdoing it.

If you have a silk saree, you can also convert it into a salwar kameez that looks simple. Make use of the new piece as part of your daily wear as you match it with a nice scarf. It is easy to wear and comfortable.

Come up with matching dresses

You can also make matching dresses for your daughters from old sarees. Get a tailor to stitch matching dresses for your daughters so that you can reuse old sarees instead of getting rid of them. This works when you have enough material for the dresses. If the material is not enough, you can mix and match the pieces to come up with unique dresses that are slightly different.

Make a jacket, overcoat or cape

Old traditional sarees can also make a jacket, overcoat or even a cape to match with a contemporary outfit such as leggings, shorts or even jeans. You only need a small fabric to make something unique from an old saree. Some of the overcoats made from old sarees are hard to find out there.

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