List of Golmaal Jr. Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

Golmaal is another comedy serial tha the kids will love and the younger ones. This serial is directed by Rohit Shetty. It will bring a smile to your kid’s faces. You will come across junior Gopal, Madhav. Laxman, and Lucky. These four are pranksters. They always create nuisance and irritates the people.

Who are Golmaal juniors?

It is a comedy serial that has always drawn the attention of the kids. The four friends Gopal, Madhav, Laxman, and Lucky always create havoc in any place. Out of this, Gopal and Madhav are the two mischievous one who makes most of the nuisance. They have a school peon named pappi. He always tried to find the clue of their mischief and want to report the same before the principal Mr. Patwardhan.

Golmaal Jr. Cartoon

Introduction to Golmaal Junior:

It is a good comedy serial about the four guys who always create pranks among the people. They are good friends, and among them, Gopal and Madhav are the most notorious ones. Your kid will love to watch the serial. You will find the mischievous act that these guys do at school.

The main characters of this serial are

  • Gopal
  • Madhav
  • Laxman 1
  • Laxman 2
  • Lucky
  • Pappi
  • Mr. Patwardhan


The full name of Gopal is Gopal Kumar Santosi. He is also called as Gopu. This 14 ½ years old guy is strong and confident at the same time. He has a weakness, and that he is afraid of ghosts and supernatural powers. His other friends take advantage of this and try to fear him. 2


He is also called as Madhav Singh Ghai. However, he is strong as Madhav. He is a bright and intelligent guy. Most of the time, the plans are made by Madhav. He is 14 ½ years of age.

Laxman 1:

Laxman Prasad is a 13 years old boy who is an active member of the team. He wears glass and has a blind faith in Gopal. He is good in his studies but makes a mistake because of his nervousness.

Laxman 2:

Laxman Sharma is a 12-year-old boy who is a member of this team. He always suffers from colds and coughs. He is famous and known for making negative comments. He is always in favor of Madhav. He is Laxman 2 in the team.


He is a simple guy who is 12 years old. He has a short height. He is a part of the team but never participates in any fight or chaos. He loves to have lollipops. However, if he does not have lollipop, he becomes almost like a monster.


He is a 31 years old peon in the school. He has one mission in his life to catch these four guys and bring them before Mr. Patwardhan the principal of the school. But he never succeeds in his mission.

Mr. Patwardhan:

He is the principal of Golden Hills High School. He is strict and always loves to teach his students to become disciplined in their lives. He has a strong passion for sweets. He loves Gopal and Madhav.

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