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One of the most popular holiday destinations in India is Goa. It has something for everyone, youth, couples, families and even school trips. Everyone can enjoy a different version of goa and the primary economy of the state is also dependent on Goa. With so much of tourist influx, it surely makes a lot of sense to invest money in real estate in Goa.

There are different types of properties available and you can easily execute your business idea in Goa to earn a decent income. You can even open up a holiday home in Goa and enjoy a form of secondary income by leasing out your holiday income. No matter where you invest in country, you must note that it is very important to verify the land records.

Earlier, the land records were not available online and it was a lot of hassle to check the land records but now, you can go ahead and check the land records through online medium. This makes the job easy and it also brings in the transparency in the deals.

If you have made plans to purchase the land in Goa and if you have shortlisted some of the properties then you are at the right place as we have listed the process to check Goa Online Land Records. Below is the process.

Steps to Check Goa Online Land Records

Step 1: To start the search, you need to visit the Directorate of Settlement & Land Record’s website. The link to the website is https://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/homepage.aspx

Step 2: On this page, you need to click on Form I & XIV. This will take you to the search page. Now enter the Taluka, Village, Survey number and Sub-division Number for the search criteria and click on View Details button. The direct link to the page is https://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/f114new.aspx


Step 3: The details of the land will now be displayed on the next page in the PDF Format. You can choose to print the form or save the form. The page will display all the details on the page and it is quite easy to understand the details on this form.

This was the process to find the land records in Goa. With help of this website, you can also find the Mutation Status of Urban and Rural Properties.

In addition to this, the website offers man other services like submitting a Right to Information Request and other such requests.

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