Funny Characters Of SAB TV Serial Chidiya Ghar and Their Real Names

Chidiya Ghar is a light entertainment serial showing Monday to Friday night on SAB TV. The serial was started on 28th November 2011 and is running till present. The show takes after a Narayan family residing in Varanasi. Every relative has a creature’s character. The name of the home is Chidiya Ghar and the name of family members are additionally like any creature or an animal. It is created by Garima Productions.

The house Chidiya Ghar is devoted to Mrs. Chidiya Narayan in which the family members look like and acts like numerous attributes of zoo creatures. Mrs. Chidiya Narayan was married to a school principal Kesari Narayan. The show is about three children of Kesari Narayan and their spouses and other different relatives. In addition to other things, Chidiya Ghar demonstrates the distinctions of people and creatures.

Listed below are the main characters of TV serial Chidiya Ghar

1. Rajendra Gupta as Kesari Narayan

Rajendra Gupta

Kesari Narayan is the leader of the family. All his family members call him Babuji. He is a man of principals and normally discovered conversing with the photograph of his dead wife named Chidiya and listening to tunes. Through his messages he teaches his family members to learn and grasp qualities and dependably be honest. “Hari Om” is his catchphrase.

2. Jitu Shivhare as Gadha Prasad

Jitu Shivhare

Gadha Prasad is the servant of the house and sincere Hanuman follower; he keeps a fast on each Tuesday. Attempting to get something through him in one go is extremely troublesome. He is moronic and sluggish. Babuji likes him and that is the reason nobody has yet considered disposing of him either.

3. Paresh Ganatra as Ghotak Narayan

Paresh Ganatra

Ghotak is Kesari Narayan’s elder son who is a Ticket Collector in railways for 10 years and has adjusted to living in train to such a degree that he has changed over his bed into train berth, a fan that works just when pushed with a brush, wellbeing messages composed all over room and an iron banished window.

4. Aditi Sajwan as Koyal Ghotak Narayan

Aditi Sajwan

Ghotak’s wife Koyal is a self proclaimed singer and has a practice for talking in singing manner.

5. Sumit Arora as Gomukh Narayan

Sumit Arora

Gomukh is as simple as cow and is an english teacher in a Hindi Medium School. A strict educator, he always put punctuation marks in the sentences that he talks. He always remembers to acclaim his better half no less than ten times each day.

6. Shafaq Naaz as Mayuri Gomukh Narayan

Shafaq Naaz as Mayuri Gomukh Narayan

Mauri loves to dance and her gestures are exceedingly affected by the same. She considers herself the most attractive lady. She adores hearing compliments from Gomukh and every time she talks she utilizes “Mayuri kehti hai… ”

7. Saraansh Verma as Kapi Narayan

Saraansh Verma

Kapi is the youngest sibling among three brothers in the house and continues bouncing around the house like a monkey. He is hitched to Chuhiya. “Tension Tight” is his catchphrase.

8. Trishika Tripathi as Chuhiya Kapi Narayan

Trishika Tripathi

Chuhiya Chauhan is a young lady who tied knot with Kapi. She has attributes precisely like a mouse. She is frightened of each and everything on this planet. She eats like a mouse. Her catchphrase is “Darte Darte”.

19 Ketan Karande as Saandeshwar

Ketan Karande

Sandeshwar is Chidiya’s younger brother. He has a sound and solid built however he is exceptionally idiotic also. His attributes looks like to that of a Bull. He wastes his time like doing nothing advantageous in his life which prompts chidiya’s mom to send him to Chidiya Ghar expecting that under Babuji’s direction he’ll be capable benefit something.

10. Gillu Narayan

Gillu Narayan

Gillu is a 9 year old sweet young boy who is exceptionally bright and with regards to brisk estimations he is extremely clever and has a habit of eating food simply like a squirrel.


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