Funny Characters of Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain! Serial With Their Real Names & Pics

The show “Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai!” was started by 3 March 2015 and running till date. Bhabhi ji Ghar par Hai! Is the comedy genre which was created by Naman Jain and Directed by Shashank Bali. The story was written by Manoj Santoshi. The show was based on the Sister-in-law an English Comedy Show and inspired by Hindi Serial Shrimaan Shrimati of 1995.

Story Plot

The show is set in Kanpur and portrays the story of two neighbouring couples.

Manmohan tiwari and Vibuti Narayan Mishra are the two neighbours who are staying with their wives Angoori and Anita respecitvely. Manmohan tiwari is a successful undergarment businessman whose wife Angoori, a simple and innocent lady.On the other side, Vibhuti Narayan is an unsuccessful and unemployed insurance policy agent; everyone calls him “Nalle ji” which means unemployed, who maximum spends his time doing household chores and his wife Anita is a sensible and modern lady, who was also crowned as the Beauty Queen. She is the breadwinner of the family and also irritated by her husband because of his unemployment.

Listed below is the main cast of the show “Bhabhiji Gar par Hai!”

1. Saanand Verma as Anokhelal Saxena

Saanand Verma as Anokhelal Saxena

Saanand Verma has played the role of Anokhelal Saxena. Anokhelal Saxena is a psycho- character, he likes when he gets shock or slap. He has punch line is “Ilike it”, he is jovial and unique character.

2. Sandeep Anand as Puttan

Sandeep Anand as Puttan

Sandeep Anand has essayed the role of Puttan. Puttan is the brother of Angoori, who is a criminal and always protects her sister from anyone.

3. Aashif Sheikh as Vibhuti Narayan Mishra

Aashif Sheikh as Vibhuti Narayan Mishra

Aashif Sheikh has done judgement to the character of Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, who is unemployed and flirtatious with Angoori. He is unsuccessful Insurance policy agent, who never achieves his target and had a great crush on Angoori. It is duty Vibhuti Narayan Mishra to do household chores in his home.

4. Saumya Tandon as Anita

Saumya Tandon as Anita

Anita role is played by Saumya Tandon, who is the wife of Vibhuti Narayan Mishra. She is a very adventurous, romantic, headstrong and expressive woman everyone thinks her as a beauty queen because of her style. In the Kanpur, everyone wants her divorce to get an opportunity to get around with her.

5. Shilpa Shinde before now Shubangi Atrey as Angoori Manmohan Tiwari

Shubangi Atrey as Angoori Manmohan Tiwari

Angoori was portrayed by Shipa Shinde before, now Shubangi Atrey is playing the role of Angoori Manmohan Tiwari, who is the wife of Manmohan Tiwari. She is innocent and pure from heart.  Angoori is loved by Vibhuti, who is her neighbour and wants to do anything for her smile.

6. Rohitash Gaud as Manmohan Tiwari

Rohitash Gaud as ManmohanTiwari

Rohitash Gaud is getting appreciation for the role of Manmohan tiwari; he is a businessman of Undergarments, residing near the house of Vibhuti with his wife Angoori. He has a crush on Anita who is bold and fashionable lady. Tiwari always appreciates Anita for her headstrong behaviour and always makes ridicule of his own Wife Angoori for her innocence and foolish behaviour.

7. Soma Rathod as Ramkali

Shoma Rathod

Soma Rathod as Ramkali has played the role of Manmohan tiwari’s mother who is famous in the Kanpur for her aggressice behaviour. She possesses the habit of slapping his son Manmohan Twari and Vibhuti Narayan or anyone else. She always appreciates her daughter inn law in the show. Ramkali has the habit of throwing anything on anyone, and Tiwari has a great fear for her mother in the show.

8. Rakesh Bedi as Bhoorey Lal

RakeshBedi as BhooreyLal

Rahesh Bedi played the role of Bhoorey Lal, who is the father of Angoori and he loves her daughter very much but not son-in-law. As he is the businessman of the undergarments and this makes Bhoore Lal feel insulting. He uses Vibhuti for knowing everything of Angoori house and has many children.

9. Manju Brijnandan Sharma as Vibhuti’s Mother

Manju Brijnandan Sharma as Vibhuti’s Mother

Vibhuti Mother Role is traced by Manju Brijnandan Sharma; he is the mother of Vibuti and Mother-in –law of Anita. She loves her son very much but never likes her daughter in law, Anita.

10. YogeshTripathi as Happu Singh (Police Inspector)

Yogesh Tripathi as Happu Singh (Police Inspector)

Happu Singh is the role of Yogesh Tripathi, he always takes bribes and loves to give birth new child.








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