List of Fukrey Boyzzz Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

It is another comedy serial and shows that will be loved by the kids and the young generation people. Choocha, Hunny, and Lali are the main characters of this serial. These guys want to make quick money and so come in contact with the notorious guy named Bholi. It is a story filled with love and laughter. The above story was for the old ones. The first and the senior part was a big hit. The viewers loved it. Similarly, the junior part is also loved by the kids. You must allow your kids to watch this serial. It is forecasted in Discovery Kids. It is entertaining for the junior ones. In this part, you will learn about the mischievous junior activities.

Fuckrey Boyzzz Cartoon Characters Names

Fukrey Boyzzz Cartoon

This serial is full of naughty acts of the boys namely, Choocha, Hunny, and Lali. They go to school and have a lot of fun. They enjoy every moment of their life. Choocha is loved by all, even though he is notorious. The serial becomes emotional many times. But it can hold your kids for a while. Slowly it will become like an attraction to them. They will not like to leave it. Almost all the characters in this serial play a vital role. The dubbing is done nicely so that it can the little ones can understand it. However, now you will know about some of the main characters of this serial.


He is the main character of this comedy show. He performs the lead role in this serial. However, in each of his acts, he is assisted by Hunny and Lali. They are his assistants and love to stay with him. He is a funny person and has an amusing look. He goes to school and performs many nuisances. All his teachers and friends and tired of him.


He is the partner in the crime of Choocha. He is a boy who appears to be innocent but, the fact is that, he is notorious enough. They have a dream to become rich and famous one day. To make this dream come true, they make every possible attempt. They never compromise in any situation. The best part of their roles is found when they go to school together and plan to irritate everyone. You will love to watch the activity of Hunny in this comedy serial.


Another partner in their crime is Lali. He is always included in all the plans. However, the lead role is taken by Choocha. Choocha and his friends are always running after fake dreams and wishes. It is their main drawback. Sometimes, they hire people to get their job done and ultimately, all go in vain. The three never leaves each other under any situation. Lali is somewhat innocent than the other two ones. Thus both choocha and Hunny make a plan to make money from Lali. They make every attempt, but ultimately, all go in vain. You will love him playing the role.






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