Freedom 251 Smartphone: Factors That Made it So Cheap

The launch of Freedom 251 smartphones on Wednesday has been impressively under the limelight. The reason as pointed out by the Noida based company Ringing Bells, is the price that has been on the cheapest wave for smartphones in the Indian Market.

The rationale on the low price tag is quite obvious and has been related to the assembling in India that has waded off a hefty percent of the exemptions and other duty that comes around as any smartphone reaches the Indian Market. As seen with smartphones in Indian Market, many of which is, in fact, being imported with a lot of duties that comes with the pack. Indeed the smartphones are surprisingly well configured. The Freedom 251 smartphone has 4inch IPS Display, 3G compliance  on connectivity,1 GB RAM with 1.3 GHz Quadcore Processor,8 GB internal memory and runs on the Android Lollipop 5.1 OS.

Freedom 251 Smartphone

Why freedom 251 Mobile is so cheap?

As per the sources of the company, only through such resourceful pact by the companies in India does make sense for Business in India and the way forward for the company. But it doesn’t make sense on how the company is on the management of ht loss with the cheap smartphones in the market, even though the other cheaper smartphones sell at around Rs.5000/-. The company plans on a portal to sell the smartphone through online services to make it more affordable through the company’s own platform to get the process more transparent and effective. Such initiatives in not been a trend that has been noticed on the smartphones that are available through the Indian Market for smartphones, much of which relies on the retail system by the manufacturers rather than a complete control on selling through the company owned infrastructure.

But the factors that have implicated such a profit tag has a lot to do with the Make in India initiative. And indeed, the many of the cut downs on the price has to be attributed to the benefits of completely being made in India and the subsidy from the government that has always been an advantage. The contrasting aspect to be noticed for the Freedom 251 smartphones is that all the initiatives of domestic interests are unique. There have not been much of the other contenders in the smartphone segments with the cheap price tags have been associated with such a depth in their system. Also, the standards that comply with the efficient Business model for the Indian infrastructure in place.

As far as the larger perspective of the Freedom 251 is considered, it is evident that benefits are being laid on the government provisions of Make in India and Startup Initiative that has been a major tide for business in India with the new government in control. As per the President of Ringing Bells, Mr.AshokChadha, the company aims for higher achievements in the future with more models and its own SIM card. As he also revealed that the original manufacturing cost of Freedom was estimated at Rs.2500/-, but it was the unique business model that made it possible to sell the smartphone at the Rs.251/- in the Indian Markets. On an overall, Ringing Bells has been pretty successful in the initial rounds of their venture in the Indian Market.

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