Essay On Yoga: Its Importance And Benefits

Nowadays everyone leads a hectic life and no one is taking care of the health. Everyone is busy in their own small things which are leading to a more stressful life than earlier. A time arises when it becomes difficult for the one to concentrate on certain things and to do them correctly. Even our bodies get jammed and it becomes difficult for us to have the moment or even at an early age one could not able to do a bit of exertion. So for this we go to the doctors, but the treatment for all this is in our ancient times that is Yoga through which we can make our self fit.

Through this one can have the all round fitness of the body. It does not only the physical health, but also the mental health, spiritual and social health as well. When our body is healthy in physical then we can keep the control of our mind which in turn also makes our social and spiritual well being. There are other exercises as well which help in making our self fit like the aerobics, gym, etc. These exercises will make you fit but have little concern with the development of the spiritual well being of the person. For the overall development and to live a healthy and happy life one should be happy and satisfied from within. It makes the person calm and releases all the stress of the life. When one had attained the harmony, then it would make the journey of life happier, calmer and fulfilled.


There are different benefits of this Yoga such as 

  • It maintains the all round fitness of the body. Not only physically but it also makes the person more balanced emotionally. It makes the body free from the disease but also makes the posture of the body accurate, increase the mental strength and detoxifies the body.
  • It helps the person to maintain the weight. If someone is overweight then if the continuous doing of the Yoga poses like Kapal Bharti Pranayam and Sun Salutations it will limit the weight as well as it will help our body for different other ailments.
  • One accumulates lot of stress in our daily life. With Yoga one can distress oneself and with meditation. This will reduce the stress and makes the person relax and cool.
  • We all want to find the peace and for this we search different places and do lot of things. But the peace could be found from within. If the person is not satisfies and happy then one will not find the peace. Our mind most of the time moves in the past that what has happened or to the future that what will happen. This makes us worried and one loose the self control. While doing Yoga one can make the mind cool, focus on the present and finally could lead to the satisfaction.
  • One need to do multiple tasks in a day which require the person to be active and lot of energy is required for that. If one does Yoga for some time everyday then one could feel fresher and energetic for the whole day.
  • It makes the person flexible and one could do different task with an ease. This comes with the regular habit of the Yoga as with different poses of Yoga one can make one’s body more flexible. This will improve the postures of the body which will help in relieving from the pain of back etc, as it makes the postures correct while doing small things like sitting, walking etc.

With Yoga one can make oneself and life of other members attached to be more peaceful.






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