Essay on Why Work is Worship With Reasons

Worshipping God gives us satisfaction and motivation to achieve something.It is also said by Mother Teresa, “You can’t do work without Worship” means if one is doing any work then the he is doing preaching also. Worshipping does not always include sitting in front of God and chanting with devotion. If one is doing is his chores task, then he is fulfilling the duty of worship. God always loves people who give importance to doing Karma.

Reason behind Work

Why to work? It is the question in one’s mind when one guides anyone for working. The answer which at a glance comes in mind is “To earn money so that to eat”. There are various reasons why you and I should work, only for living. Not exactly one reason behind that human is born to work and God created humans for some purpose.

The purpose of hands is to do some good work. The good deeds come in our path from good work. It is said, “Heaven can be achieved by good work”. Heaven is nothing but getting satisfactory and fulfilled life. A life in which there is a purpose of doing something good for others and ourselves too. A purposeless life is like a boat in the sea without destination to reach.

Why Work is Worship

Benefits of Work

Work is very much beneficial, some kind of work is necessary. It is not essential to do physical work only, spiritual work and mental work is also valuable in its own terms.By the worth of work, one goes close to God; one can share goodness and purity through his work as well as that person can contribute bit goodness to the world. It’sjust the repay of achieved thing. When someone enhances the work, then it has the value of goodness contributed. If work is good then it gives satisfaction when it accomplishes.

One might feel the goodness in the atmosphere when something done by that person. Wealthy people donate the wealth large amount to the temple, then that person will get the back in some point of time. That receives the goodness of work as worship.

Life is a beautiful gift of God and if he has provided anything beneficial to anyone then passes it to everyone. Most people don’t know the real essence of life. Work is worship as it is the ship which helps us in moving towards the forward direction in the sea of life.

Devaluation of Work

If one is doing work of labour, then everyone believes he is doing work but people see priests in the temple, they don’t believe in his work. Although, priests is also fulfilling his duty, doing his work in temple. Devaluation of any work is not acceptable.  No one can measure the value of work, workers earn honestly, and idle people depend like a parasite on others. It is necessary to intermingle in work with full interest in our work for achieving success and the blessing of God too.

The work done for administrative work is sometimes more important than temple, because they sometimes becomes the medium of helping others. Work done can be psychological and social happiness too. Satisfaction comes from doing work keeps body and mind as well as happy which gives refreshment to the soul more than the worship does.

Faith in Work and Worship

If one has deep faith in his own hard work then it will be more strong then the result of worship. That person will not lose hope even he faces negative situations. One must take work as worship and must be involved with peaceful mind and soul.






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