Essay on Taj Mahal – Its History & Significance

The monuments and mega structures around the world will surely amuse you as they are the best the nation could be proud of, there is bulk of amusement structures around the world. Structures now a day shows the human tendency towards technology. The only structure that amused you, let you feel the technology flourish at the time it was non-thinkable with added pinch of peace and love at the point you sight it is the famous Taj Mahal in India’s northern part famously known as Agra.

Agra is the only state in India known worldwide not being a metropolitan city like Delhi and Mumbai and the solo reason behind its famous World’s positioning is Taj Mahal-the symbol of love and peace in the world.

It’s on record that most of the monuments and historical structure around the world demonstrate power, their dignity and were made for the solo reason called to let future generation feel the supremacy of kinship over the centuries. Taj Mahal in a totally opposite manner not implies power of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (the Mughal Emperor ordered to built it in the 15th Century), the tomb-like structure at the bank of calming river Yamuna signifies Shah Jahan’s love for his Begum (wife) Mumtaz Mahal as the initial of her name Taj Mahal were the reason we call it Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal – Historical Foretaste

taj mahal

Mughal emperor was known for their love for giant tomb and structures to live in and they also had a great impact on India and its nearby region for a long decade, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ordered a masterpiece tomb to be made as the symbol of love for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The initial date for the complete structuring for TajMahal is to be said in 1643 but some historical gives a view that the structuring and decorating of marbles took over another 10 years to provide Taj Mahal a final touch up.

The most expansive structure of its time Taj Mahal is said to be flourished well in 17 hectares campus to be simplified as 42 acres area with special organized mosque and guest room structured for special guests and prayers. If the total estimated cost to be calculated on the whole structuring of the Taj Mahal than the cost will be around 52.8 Billion rupees or US$827 million.

Facts say that 20,000 experienced workers with famous names around the region were called together to develop a masterpiece under guidelines of the court architect named Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

The Taj Mahal is later in 1983 is declared as the UNESCO- World Heritage Site at that period of time it was included in the list as the only historical figure from India.

Taj Mahal – The Pride of India

World’s best countries counters tourist in order to let them admire the beauty they have, it will be quite appreciable to notice that Taj Mahal attracts up to 7 to 8 million tourists across the globe each year and also is the most favored site for the valuable politicians or actors from Hollywood visit while their journey to India and its part.

It will be glad to know that World Tourism Organization started an initiative to choose the new 7 Wonders around the world and the voting for the same was let open with 30 historical and present date structures to be called the new Wonders of World. The voting was let open for 7 years long time (2000-2007), the Taj Mahal won the league with the highest vote and was ranked as the new participant in the Wonders around the World and ranked first in the list.

It was the beauty of Taj Mahal that demonstrates a heart whelming story, once a competition was organized to best describe Taj Mahal in own words and intellectuals around the country also from different part of the world joined the league and took four hours to five hours each with 1000-5000 words in describing it.

Surprisingly the person tops the competition used only a sentence of eight words, to sum up a beauty of Taj Mahal the words were “ the teardrop on the cheek of time” and were written by famous writer and poet with Noble Award in Literature the well known Rabindranath Tagore.

The dove color structure is famous for a rumor also as the guides hired for explaining beauty of Taj Mahal says to add more flavors to their story that Shah Jahan was so much impressed by the beauty of Taj Mahal that he chopped off hands of all 20,000 workers who united their will for over 20 years in summing up World’s symbol of Love. Shah Jahan does this in order to ensure their will be no structure anywhere else that resembles Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal now loses its spark as the global warming and pollution level is deeming its whitened exterior although Government is taking all important measures to intact its beauty.







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