Essay on Red Fort – Dignity of India

The pride of Indian culture and honor, Red Fort has important positioning in every Indian patriot as on 15th August 1947 India clearly raised its free voice for the very first time winning over the British rule called it free. It is a tradition after that the prime minister of India hoist the tricolor Indian Flag every year as the celebration for the India tagged itself as the free nation.

Apart being a honorable place in heart of every Indian it is a World Heritage Site for tourism declared by UNESCO, located at the verse of Old Delhi another favored place just adjacent to Red Fort is suitable option for all the age groups lovers as well as perfect options for different categories of people with interest in food options, shopping outlets and just gazing at the old heritage houses available throughout markets with narrow streets providing essence of historical India.

Red Fort

Red Fort- A Political Overview

Red Fort is another monumental gift of Mughal emperors as the famous fort was designed and was the royal staying option for 5th Mughal Emperor the same ruler that bestow beauty of Taj Mahal in India Shah Jahan. The huge campus of Red Fort and its assurance for safety let Mughal Emperors to use it as their main base or staying option for nearly 200 years. In 1857 when British army troops establish their rule over India, Red Fort was snatched away from the Mughal Emperors and remained a crucial spot for British India.

Red Fort as the name signifies is a fort made by using the valuable Red Stones all over, the careful use of Red stones during its structuring is utilized with that much accuracy rate that it looks like a red painted Fort.

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was not happy with the environmental condition in Agra as the temperature there was not suitable for him, hot sun and mostly non-availability of water slowly degraded Agra’s positioning as the capital for Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Agra was also in easy reach of the enemies around the ruling boundaries of Mughal estate, the unavailability of water the basic needs to live and threats of enemies were amongst the main reasons that urges Shah Jahan to change his capital from Agra to Delhi.

As the change implemented the Red Fort was designed very carefully with best of architect used for each and every need of the royal people, the special canal was installed in the Red Fort area that was famously called as the Stream of Paradise. Red Fort was just adjacent to the famous Salimgarh Fort built by Islam Shah Suri. Delhi at that time by Mughal Emperor was called as “Shahjahanabad”  the capital of famous Shah Jahan.

After turning in Delhi the other benefit option for Mughal Emperor were as Delhi is called the Heart of nation located in the midst of all boundaries, it helped them to keep an eye on all the boundaries of the Mughal empire and ensuring the safety of the same, apart from being a great safety boom for Mughal Emperor. The Delhi Sultanate helped the Mughal traders to ensure good trade relationship with the traders around the world as these trades option being central to many trade outlets centers offers great easiness to equip oneself with best available options.

Red Fort was sighted as a prestigious building by the British India as being located in Delhi they also utilized it for safety measures, there are rumors that Shah Jahan installed secret tunnels inside Red Fort to ensure secret outlet from the fort directly to a safe place in parameters of war or any other calamities. Red Fort structured with walls designed in order to be equipped with soldiers is considered as the safest Fort or royal staying option till date all over the world.

Red Fort – Dignity of India

A special sight as it was chosen to declare our Independence far back in 1947, Red Fort till date is the most secured region of Delhi as during the Independence day period od seven to ten days it is rescued as a special site with all security important troops and declaring the Red Fort 4km radius region as non-flying zone, all these special arrangements are followed in order to provide security to Prime Minister of India. Red Fort is the dignity of India that’s why many people around the country and world magnetize towards it as a tourism site.

Apart the huge campus and royal structure the other fascinating feature of the Red Fort is the museum installed in it campus as it let introduce the onlookers with the war equipment and other royal tools of the Mughal Emperors in order to safely store the history and the heritage of the region.

Included as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO Red Fort’s royal history and its dignity for us will rate it as the important part of India’s cultural history.






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