Essay on Terrorism: Its Reasons, Impacts and Solutions

Today I am going to talk about terrorism; this word is not new to anyone because this cruel thing has disturbed our lives terribly. We heard about the adverse effects of terrorism on the daily basis in the news and read in a newspaper. The governments of all the countries are working for the elimination of terrorism but still we can’t get rid of it. The most dangerous and harmful terrorist act is the bomb blasting because it took away the lives of many people at one time.



Well, before going into detail I want to explain what terrorism is in simple words “terrorism is the criminal action and violence against people, property, and the government.” And its aim is to harm people and their lives and also destroy the economic, political stability in the country. This is the very simple and straightforward definition of the terrorism.

Victims of Terrorism

The main hit of this violence is religious and ethnic groups and then the government, political parties, media, and corporations. Their aim is creating unease and fear among the people and clash between government and people. For the very first time, the word terrorism is known throughout the world after the 9/11 attack on America. After that, the Taliban and their violence come in front of the people and governments of different countries. We all are the victims of terrorism, directly or indirectly. Like if we read or hear news about killing of 5 people in the terrorist attack, we are mentally victim of terrorism, and if we injured in the attack, then we are the physical victim. So it is impossible that if the terrorism is prevailing in the world and we can’t get victimized, we will either mentally or physically.

Causes of Terrorism

There are many causes, or we can say reasons behind terrorism, but the most important are an injustice, mental illness, poverty, illiteracy, and rise in population. Most of the people believe that religion is also the cause of terrorism, but I don’t agree with that because there is not any single religion in the world which promotes terrorism. Every single religion laid importance on peace and the safety of human life, so I am not going to consider religion as the cause of terrorism. This is just a label which is used by the terrorists.

Impacts of Terrorism

The consequences of the terrorism are worse than our thinking. The most adverse effect is the loss of lives of the many innocent peoples. The infrastructure and the business are also at the loss. People live a life full of fear and lose trust in their government. The government has to spend a significant amount of money for the renovation of the infrastructure and on the medical also, so the economic instability of the country is started after terrorism. nilüfer escort Metal and physical condition of the people also becomes worse. These all are the main impacts of the terrorism, if I am going to write about all the impacts then the words will be finished but not the impacts because terrorism is such a cruel thing with pernicious effects.

Solution for the terrorism

Now the time is to cut the roots of the terrorism, because it is impossible to live peaceful life along with terrorism. This is not the issue of a single country this is the global problem, and all the nations of the world should work for it together, so that whole the world become peaceful. The first and foremost step against terrorism is the education. Educate the people so that they should know what is right and what is wrong. If they got the education, they would not be going to a terrorist.

Fight against corruption and black money, this fund is used for terrorism so cut out this cause, find the people and hang them till death so, that nobody dares to use black money to kill innocent people. Create justice and give justice because injustice creates terrorism. Try to find out the cause of the terrorists and cut that source. Poverty is the greatest cause of the terrorism; this is true when someone’s child will be dying in front of his eyes, and he doesn’t have money then he will go to any extent no matter right or wrong. So, try to eradicate the poverty if you want to eliminate terrorism.

Above all are the some of the simple and straightforward solutions of görükle escort eliminating terrorism. With love, care and respect we can do the all because hatred gives birth to hatred, so we have to be united. Spread love and justice to cut out the roots of terrorism. Help the government to stop the terrorism, instantly inform the police if you saw any illegal activity nearby. Be honest with yourself and your country so that it is easy for the government to work against the terrorism. God gives us strength to fight bravely against terrorism.

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