Essay on Save Water: Its Importance and Ways to Save

Water is the basic necessity of life because it gives life to us and all other living things. We can’t even imagine living a single day without water. We can’t ignore the importance of water because we can’t live without it and our planet can’t survive without water. There is no life on the other planets just because they don’t have water antalya rus escort there. The earth consists of 71% of water, but the amount of clean and drinking water is less, many regions in the world who are facing scarcity of drinking water. So it is very paramount that we should join our hands to save water.

Save Water

Because many people waste water, and the other people face sacristy of water. So, the need of time is to create awareness among people especially the young generation about the saving of water for their better future. We should believe in this sentence that “save water, save the life, and save the world.” Because water is use in every step of life like eating, drinking, bathing, for crops, washing, cooking, and plants. So everything will be destroyed if water is not used with great care. We should save water for our future generations, for their better lives and ease. This is the most antalya escort precious gift from God.

Importance of water

We can understand the importance of the water from this reality that everything in the world needs water for its living. Water especially clean water is essential for life, and it is the primary component of life also. So it is the duty of us to save water for our earth and our lives. This is the responsibility of government also that it doesn’t allow the factories to mix the waste in the clean water, there should be a proper way for factories wastage because this is the leading cause of dangerous water pollution. It creates many diseases also. So there must be the proper water wastage management system for the factories and industries.

Diseases caused by polluted water

It is crucial to saving water from pollution because more than 4 million people die because of water- related diseases. Newborn children are dying because of water borne diseases. So for the safety of human life, we should take care of water and save it from pollution. If water is wasted continuously according to a report 3 billion people will suffer from shortage, of water in 2025.

Ways to save water

So save yourself and other people by great care in the use of water. For this, I will explain some of the easy ways to protect water from wastage. Easy and straightforward ways, follow them and save lives and water.  Let’s have a look at these simple ways of saving water.

  • First of all, take it as your responsibility and save water from wasting while using. Don’t watch others take the first step by yourself.
  • Apply the technique rainwater harvesting for the savage of water. We can use rainwater harvesting other than drinking and cooking.
  • Use bucket while washing the car or car porch instead of the pipe, because water will be waste more if we use the pipe.
  • Try to spread the awareness among people about water conservation.
  • Believe in that every drop counts.
  • The plantation is good but plants trees in the rainy season so that they get water naturally.
  • In your homes plant the trees which are drought tolerant and required less water.
  • Take great care while using water for washing or bathing.
  • Educate your children’s from the early age about the care of water.
  • Do not mix your gutter lines with water lines as these cause dangerous diseases due to water pollution.
  • Fix the leaked lines instantly; this will save 20 gallons of water per day.

We should take great care because there in only 1% of water which we can use the remaining other is salty sea water, and some of it is glaciers, so can’t use them Imagine if we will continuously waste water then 1% is not a significant amount. And in that 1% also we have some portion of polluted water. What are we doing with ourselves? We are pushing ourselves in hardtimes with our hands.

Don’t do this to yourselves, my friends, make a promise to yourselves, stand today not tomorrow for the savage of water for ourselves and the next generation’s bright future. Water is the blessing, and blessing should be used with respect and care. So, give great care for the conservation of water.

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