Essay on Road Safety: Knowledge and Rules

Road safety is the paramount and universal topic to be discussed, and everyone must have knowledge about the road safety. The rules and measures of road safety must be known by the students and young generation because they are the careless drivers because of immaturity.

Road safety

Road safety

Before we go into the details, let me first explain what road safety is. Road safety is the measure to reduce the risk of the traffic accidents and roadside wounds just because of the mistakes of the drivers. We heard about the accidents and the deaths of the people on daily basis. We can’t even count the people who died in road accidents. There area huge number of individuals who died and a vast number of people get injured in road accidents. All this because of the carelessness of drivers and not follow the rules of the driving. We all are at risk while we are on the road no matter on car, bike, cycle or foot. The risk is always there; that is why this road safety is introduced to save the lives of the people.

Awareness is must

Knowledge about road safety is the thing which must be known by everyone just to save lives of the people. It is the duty of our all that we create awareness among the masses about road safety measures. There are different ways of spreading awareness on this topic like we can conduct seminars, give lectures to our young generation, distribute vouchers including knowledge about road safety and much more. This will be the useful step to decrease the roadside injuries and road accidents. I have another best idea about the road safety awareness, and that is we should include this in the syllabus so that our generation learn it properly.

Safety rules

The traffic rules are for our safety but now a day’s people are not following these rules, and that is the leading cause behind the increasing rate of road accidents and injuries. The traffic rules must be learned from the early age but follow those rules in later age are critical. This is our bad luck that we know the rules but not going to follow them. So follow them my friends for the safety of your and other people’s life. There are some rules to be followed when driving on the road, let’s have a look at them.

  • Speed must be slow while driving especially when turning the way.
  • The seat belt is the must while driving it will save you from injuries.
  • The bike drivers must be used a helmet.
  • Eating and drinking should be avoided while driving.
  • Mobile phone use is strictly prohibited while driving because half of the accidents are just because of its use while driving.
  • Take great care and drive with care in the crowded areas.
  • Less you speed while crossing in front of schools and hospitals.
  • Maintenance of your vehicle is important because it also leads to the accidents.
  • Must have knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations.
  • If you are pedestrian, always use the zebra crossing. Never try to cross the road when traffic is moving.
  • Behave like a responsible citizen by following all the rules of road safety in front of your children’s because they learn from you.

Above all are the rules of road safety if, we follow them then I assure you 90 percent of the road accidents and injuries can be reduced trust me. So dear fellows follow these simple rules, they are for your safety. Save human life which is precious than anything.

Road safety knowledge for children’s

Children’s are at the significant risk of road accidents because they are immature, and they are the one going to school on the daily basis and some of them going local they are at the great risk. So it is the duty of the parents and teachers to give proper road safety knowledge to the children to save them from injuries and sometimes death. I have a guide about the education for children about road safety measure. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Teach them that if they are alone and crossing the road must see at the both sides of the road.
  • Never climb over the moving school bus.
  • Teach them road is not made for playing.
  • If they are riding the bike, they must wear the helmet.
  • Teach them life is precious so avoid over-speed of bike or car.
  • They must have knowledge about the traffic signals.
  • Teach them to wear the seat belt.

These are some ways to teach your children about road safety to save them from being injured. This is crucial to give them this knowledge.

The knowledge regarding road safety is essential for all so that we can reduce the rate of accidents, so follow the rules and live a better life.

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