Essay on Rainwater Harvesting: Its Importance and Benefits

As we all know that water is the primary source of living. We can’t imagine life without water, and it is the reality also that we are facing continuous threats of the shortage of water just because of misuse of water. Now it is the time to join hand and work together for the conservation of water. There are different ways of saving of water, but we will talk about the only one, and that is rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is the old technique but new one also because now it is used with proper technique. Rainwater is the gift of God. The water from the sky is the precious pearls, and it is our duty to understand their importance and save these jewels, for our use. And we can preserve it with the help of rainwater technique which is low cost but gives huge benefits especially in the areas with lack of water.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Let me first explain what rainwater is harvesting before explaining the benefits. Rainwater harvesting is the technique of collecting water in the manmade ponds or lakes, tanks or on the rooftop. And this water can be used for washing, cultivation and toilet use. This is the best way of using water of sky for our needs with petite cost. We can store a paramount amount of water in the rainy season and then use it for different things like gardening, toilet, washing, livestock, and much more. No need to depend on the government to supply water to you made it for yourself with this technique.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

There is the massive list of the advantages of the rainwater harvesting. Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits.

  • It is low cost, and you will not face the electricity bill.
  • It will lead to food security because of free water use for crop production.
  • Reduces loads of government of water supply.
  • Farmers can generate income with this technique and saves money also because it is low- cost way of giving water to the farms.
  • The biggest benefit of rainwater harvesting is that it reduces flood threats in the rainy season because people save water on rooftops.
  • Helps in reducing soil erosion
  • This is the better energy resource which is cheap and best also.
  • Rainwater is pure and free from chemicals so; it is best to use for an irrigation system.
  • As the population increases and due to the scarcity of water, people go for underground water which decreases water underground. With rainwater harvesting, this demand can be reduced.
  • It maintains the water table.
  • You can use this water for many purposes except drinking and cooking. Like washing, irrigation, gardening, and much more.
  • This water is clean from pollution.
  • Reduces demand water from the government.
  • Eliminate tension from people which is caused due to the shortage of water.
  • Reduces the burden of the women of the rural areas as they have to travel to far areas for bringing water.
  • It helps to reduce drought because water is given free by nature and saved by people at less cost.
  • Reduces water supply bills.

So, above all are the some of the benefits of the rainwater harvesting. Best water which can be used for cultivation purposes. So use this technique to save your money and save your country from the shortage of water. Nature is so kind to its creatures that are why it gives water from the sky which is pollution free and can be used for many purposes. Now it is the duty of human beings to use that water in a proper way and save that priceless gift of nature because it has no substitute.

Need for Rainwater Harvesting

As we all know that there is only 1% of the water which we can use for our daily use so, the rain water is like the blessing because it can be used for many purposes, and just the need of time is to use the rainwater harvesting system. Because old is gold, this technique is employed in ancient times but this is for all the times. The moment needs this system more than before. Because we are facing scarcity of water and pollution problem also. Both of these can be solved to some extent if we use rainwater harvesting.

So apply this technique my friends and use the gift of nature in its best way. Save yourself and your government from the tension of water. Spread awareness among people about this technique and teach your family members also. Act like a responsible citizen and become a helping hand of the government.


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