Essay on Newspapers: Its Importance and Benefits

Newspapers might usually be printed on inexpensive and inferior quality paper, the imprint of this printed work on our daily lives is priceless. The 24 x 7 news channels with their lurid and attention grabbing “Breaking News” and the internet where every event is reported almost live have most definitely reduced the magnitude of impact that a newspaper used to have. However, there are some things that only a newspaper can provide, like the joy of reading news yourself rather than being shouted at by someone else, the sometimes funny and imaginative expressions that only a writer can produce.


The Habit

Reading newspapers instills a very important habit. Reading. The benefits of reading are many. To start with, it helps in improving your own vocabulary and language skills. The journalists often use words and phrases that are not commonly heard in the day to day conversations. Also, reading helps in retaining information in a far better manner. Since the newspapers’ primary role is to report news, that is what they do and this helps you to analyze and form your own opinions and conclusions. Frequently, the anchors on news channels deliver judgments and their opinions and present the news in ways that are preferable to them as opposed to reporting. Additionally, reading also helps to develop and maintain focus on a single activity, an ability which is required in very many areas of life. Once you develop the habit of reading, you can be sure that very rarely you will be bored. Waiting at airports, railway stations, doctor’s office or just at home for a guest, as long as you enjoy reading, you will be able to while away your time in a fruitful and sometimes even entertaining manner.

Available 24 x 7

The newspaper that you read in the evening may not exactly carry any breaking news, in the fact, that news item may be obsolete by the time you read it, but still, you read it at your convenience and not when someone feels like giving it to you. A lot of people read newspapers in the evenings or nights as they do not have the stress of getting ready to go to work or be in time for some important appointment. They read it when they are totally relaxed and can take their own sweet time to assimilate the news items. Additionally, even if the phone rings while you are in the middle of an interesting article, you can always continue from where you left after the boring call from the boss has been attended to.


The versatility of newspapers is much underrated. Apart from carrying the news, most newspapers also have entertainment sections which have word puzzles and mind games along with horoscopes and cartoon strips. A lot of them also have supplementary papers that perform the role of a gossip monger, carrying news of celebrities and their personal travails. While news items may be left to conjecture, the juicy bits are never ambiguous. You can also get reviews of the latest movies and books, art criticism and fun facts about different places and people. Most newspapers also carry the weather reports and full listings of television programs of the most famous channels. Since any newspaper is at its heart a business, it has to be operated like one and like any other business, newspapers also make money in different ways. The classified or the advertisement section carries a lot many advertisements for goods and services. Also, they run bigger advertisements, some in color for catching the attention of the reader. A lot of big companies invest in newspaper advertisements of the full page or half page as this cost only a fraction of television advertisements but reach a large number of people.

Online or Offline

If you are concerned about conserving the environment and saving paper, then you can go online and read the online editions of your preferred newspapers. Almost all major newspapers in the market have online editions. The online editions are exactly the same as the printed ones except that they are not printed on paper. The online editions are also compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Additionally, some online newspapers allow you to download the pages on your device or computer which you can read at a time that is convenient for you.

For all ages

Many newspapers also have special supplements for young readers. Cartoon strips, kids’ games, and puzzles, writing and drawing contests are some of the attractions. Additionally, they also print contributions sent by children in the form of drawings or paintings, stories, poetry or real life stories.

Irrespective of the time of the day, the newspaper will always have something new to tell you. Even if you read the reports of the same incident on two different newspapers, you might think you are reading two about two different events, as writing and reporting styles of different people vary a great deal. Even with a few words cut out from the newspaper and pasted on a piece of paper, Sherlock Holmes knew which newspaper it was from as he had done a study of newspapers and knew the print and paper quality of each one. You don’t need to study newspapers in that detailed fashion, however, it is not a bad idea to make reading newspapers your passion.

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