Essay On My School For Kids and Students

Essay writing is a fun experience when you’re in school. There are a number of things you need to consider when you pen down an essay, and one of the most important things you need to do is to put down all your feelings. Essays are a great way of expressing yourself and there are a number of essays you will need to write during your school life. One of the most common topics that most schools provide is an essay on your school. There are a number of reasons why schools ask for this essay and if you want to express yourself in the right manner, here’s how you write an essay on your school perfectly.

I study in one of the best schools in India. The entire building is made of stone and looks really nice. My school has all the facilities that every school should have. It has a large playground, a vast library, well furnished and airy classrooms and the best laboratories. The entrance to the school is very scenic and sets the mood for a great day of learning. As soon as we enter, we see a playground to the left and a lovely garden on the right. As soon as we enter the school building the office room and the Principal’s office is to the left. The staff room is to the right.


All of these rooms are well furnished. My school has 34 classrooms and well equipped laboratories. Our school library has a book on almost all subjects. The librarian is also extremely helpful and helps us find the best books to read and learn. Our school has a uniform like most schools. Boys have to wear a white or a cream shirt, light blue pants, white socks and black shoes. Girls have to wear white blouses combined with a light blue skirt in the primary section and white shirts with light grey skirts in the secondary section. Girls have to tie a white ribbon as well.

One of the best things I love about my school is that each student is given special attention by the teachers. We are monitored daily for cleanliness, behavior and punctuality. While I sometimes feel this puts too much pressure on me, Mummy says that it is something that will help me become a better person when I grow up. I enjoy getting dressed for school. My uniform is very nice and Mummy always irons it well so that I look my best. I want to win the ‘Best Student’ Award this year which will be given out at the Annual day function. There is a special prize as well and I know the prize will be amazing.

Teachers in my school are all very caring and sweet. They shout at us sometimes when we behave badly, but that’s fine because it helps the classroom maintain silence and we learn the importance of how to behave well when in public.

The principal of our school is strict, but she is also a very nice person. I love hearing her speak. She has a lot of confidence in her voice and I someday wish to talk like that to a crowd. She does not like it when students come to school without the complete uniform. All students are always required to wear a tie, socks, and clean shoes and to have their hair either cut short or tied up.

The best part of school is the extracurricular activities. I enjoy swimming the most and my teacher says that I am very good at it too. They encourage me to take part in the various competitions and I look forward to them.

I love my school, and I enjoy going to school each day. I have a lot of friends here too and I hope that they will remain my friends even when I grow up. I know that I will never forget my school experience even when I grow up.


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