Essay on Education: Its Importance in Our Life Importance

Nelson Mandela famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and he hit the nail on the head while stressing the importance of education. Education is also a kind of wealth that one acquires over a period of time. However, it is something that will never leave us and cannot be taken away either. Education is not limited to academic accomplishment alone. Learning to cross a busy road or respecting others in a public place are also examples of a good education. Its importance is not something that can be told to you or explained in a few words. It only comes with realization and experience.


Education: The Eye Opener

The more you are educated, the better placed you are to make well-informed decisions and choices. Education is what separates man from the wild. While academic education can help you gain a good job in a reputable company, it is overall education and development that will help you grow and prosper. It is also necessary to inculcate and imbibe ethical values and promotes awareness. It also helps you develop a way of thinking rationally and is essential for evolution and overall development. Had it not been for progress in science and technology, we would still be mindlessly following superstitions and unfounded ideas. Education opens our eyes and it is more or less the settled of nature that those with knowledge must share it with others. Only then can humanity progress. Education also plays an important role in the present day and age when the world is shrinking rapidly due to the availability of social media platforms. It teaches us about different cultures and the diversity that exists. Education also helps to dispel myths about other cultures and helps us to form bonds with people from different places. Not only does it open the world to us, it also helps in opening us up to the world. A good education also makes people tolerant and understanding of someone else’s perspectives. If the education that we have had the good fortune of getting now were available in the medieval period, maybe there would not have been so many wars and so much damage inflicted on the human race.

Broadens the Mind and Vision

In ancient times, when there were no formal academic institutions and a structured way of learning, people had to depend on their own limited abilities to survive. With proper education came the tools that helped man to understand his capabilities and also ways to improve and expand them. Education doesn’t just teach you how to read and write and how to count and add and subtract. It also teaches you what you can do with your knowledge that will be beneficial not only to you but can also be used for the benefit of others and the community at large. A good education will always help you in choosing the right path when you are at the crossroads of uncertainty. A mind enriched with education will always be capable of being perspicacious without hesitation. A good education will teach the difference between knowing the right thing and doing the right thing. The right kind of education provides a sound platform to think innovatively and have a different outlook when looking at problems. In fact, a sound education will teach you not to concentrate on the problem but focus on solutions. If it were not for education, we would still be living in a world without machines that make our lives so comfortable today. Also, in times of crisis, the mind exposed to knowledge will know how to use that knowledge effectively for the benefit of all concerned. Taking setbacks in the stride and marching on is the hallmark of a sound educational background. Think of all the great men and women, who, through their inventions or discoveries have left an immense legacy behind, things that will remain with mankind forever,

The Perennial Source

In today’s world, a good education is not a luxury but a necessity, just like food and shelter. It also helps in fostering an attitude which is open to accepting new challenges and exploring new frontiers. Modern education is an eye-opener in every sense. It enables us to accept and adapt to changes better. It also prepares us in many ways for the future. A good education will also help us in correcting the mistakes of the past and ensure that they are not repeated. At the same time, good education is a continuous process that never ends. In fact, a good education leads us on to the path of learning which we keep paving with our knowledge and actions so that the journey is smoother for those following us. Education is a circle that has no beginning or end, only a path that has to be persistently followed and enrich ourselves.






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