Essay on corruption: Its Causes and Solutions

Corruption is the evil, and its poison is present in almost every country but the developing countries face more corruption as compared to developed one, and the main reason behind the more corruption in developing countries is the black sheep’s present in the government.


Definition of corruption

Before going into detail let me explain what is the meaning of corruption. Corruption is when a person who is in power exploits its power and making money for himself/herself. And that corrupt person involves in other illegal projects. The black sheep in the government are like strong pillars for these evil people because with the help of these people they make illegal money for their selves. In developing countries corruption has its strong roots because of weak law and order system. The corrupt people make money, and the remaining people suffer a lot.

Types of Corruption

There are different types of corruption because corruption prevails in various organizations, not in a single one. So the types are also different, and all of them affect adversely in its way. Let’s have a look at the kinds of corruption.

  • Political corruption
  • Governmental corruption
  • Systematic corruption
  • Judiciary corruption
  • Organizational corruption
  • Social corruption

There are many other types of corruption, but these are the highlighted one who put an obstacle in the way of the development of the country because these all types of corruption are present in the developing countries.

Causes of Corruption

We have talked about corruption, its types, now let me tell you the reasons behind corruption.

  • The political elites, which remain in the politics from generation and their aim is to make money rather than serving the masses is the great cause of corruption.
  • The rulers who want to remain in power no matter at what price is also the cause of corruption.
  • Increasing population is also the cause of corruption as the government is not able to meet the demands of the people.
  • Illiteracy is also the cause of corruption.
  • Poverty also leads to corruption.
  • Weak law and order system is also a helping hand in the way of corruption.
  • Lack of ethics and morals in the life of peoples.
  • Tolerance of people towards corruption.

All of these cause lead towards increasing corruption in the developing countries and decreasing the growth and development.

Disadvantages of Corruption

The list of disadvantages of corruption is vast. But I will explain the main problems of corruption. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The above all disadvantage is that foreign countries stop investing in that country which has corruption, so it has adverse effects on economy.
  • The image of the country is bad in other countries.
  • In hard times rich countries give grants and support in terms of money to the poor countries, but when they observe corruption, they stop giving aid.
  • This is the huge barrier in the way of social and economic advancement.
  • This is the main factor behind rising poverty in developing countries.
  • It leads to unemployment also.
  • It created unease and fear among the masses.
  • This is the cause of unstable government in the developing countries.
  • It produces many other social evils.
  • Due to judiciary corruption there is increasing injustice in the countries.
  • The growth and development is delayed due to money is eaten by the corrupt people.
  • Foreign countries stop trading with corrupt countries.

Remedies for Corruption

Corruption is like cancer so; it is impossible to survive along with it. It is paramount to eliminate the corruption from the society for steady growth and development of the country plus, for the good name of the country also.

  • Ethics and morals should be taught to the children’s at very early age so that, they must know that what is legal and what is illegal.
  • The law and order system should be foolproof so that people must have trust in judiciary instead of going to the wrong way. And they have fear too that if they caught they must be punished for the corruption.
  • Access of all the people to the speedy and inexpensive justice should reduce corruption.
  • Accountability and transparency in the governmental sector is must.
  • Don’t tolerate corruption.

We all know that we cannot eliminate corruption completely but we can put our efforts to eliminate it at the extent that it become tolerant. The electoral body must be transparent because corruption took birth from there. Judiciary system must be clean from corruption. But for all that we all need to join hands together. It is not the duty of only the government, its duty of our all. So put your efforts, atleast think and accept that corruption is hurdle in the way of development. Take this initial step and you will want to go till the end of the corruption.


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