Essay on Computer: Its Importance, History, Future

By definition, this is a device that is supposed to carry out arbitrary and logical operations on its own. Fact is, these so called machines are actually controlling our lives today. From the smallest everyday chore to space research, computers are ubiquitous and indispensable. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these devices are now essential for the very existence of human race.


Although other devices that are capable of performing similar tasks that are much smaller and less expensive are rapidly gaining popularity, they are all in a way offsprings of the conventional computer. Also, with limited processor & operation speeds and much lesser memory capabilities, it will be some time before the computer is well and truly phased out.

Use of Computers

In the present day, instead of answering where are computers used, it will be far easier to answer in which sphere of life they are not utilized. We are surrounded by computers and have almost become enslaved to them. It has made life far easier and while it is debatable if it has really made life more pleasurable, it cannot be denied that it has made it more convenient. Even so, it still requires human ingenuity to develop and expand the capabilities of computers.

With more and more people coming under the roof of this enormous phenomenon, and more people starting to become computer users, the scope of this device is also limitless. The age old adage “sky is the limit” has been relegated to being old school. With computers even performing the complex task of space research, the sky is no longer the limit.

Medical research and treatment has reached new heights with computers and computer aided devices capable of detecting maladies at a very early stage and facilitate treatment before the problem escalates. They are also capable of detecting potential problems and therefore provide the necessary remedial measures before it actually turns into a serious problem. Ironically, excessive use of computers and other devices has also introduced many new diseases and ailments.

About twenty years back, people working on computers in their offices would shut down the machines and get in their cars for the drive home. A great many modern day cars have on-board computers that are analyzing the performance of the car and taking corrective action in order to protect the passengers giving advance warning signals of any approaching difficulty or malfunctions.

Decades ago, astrologers and palm readers would study the lines on your palms and predict your future. Now, there are many computer programs and software that can carry out those operations once you enter your information like date of birth, time & place of birth, etc. The term “your fate is in your hands” has been given an all new meaning.

The computer has also made many electronic appliances redundant.

Evolution & Future

The future of today’s computer is in jeopardy because another computer is working overtime to create a newer and better machine. The industry is moving at such a frenetic pace that what is new and “state of the art” today, may become obsolete in the near future. Better designs to make computers faster and more efficient are constantly being floated.

Different types of materials, sometimes recycled are also being used in an effort to help the green cause. More computers are being developed to cater to specific needs and for carrying out specific roles and functions. These are being developed to cater to greater and highly sensitive needs of agencies like defence & security and aerospace amongst others. Additionally, even large corporate entities are engaging manufacturers in developing machines to better themselves and give them an edge over their competitors.

Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is commonly known is the latest buzzword in the mass market. Self driven cars are already in the advanced testing phase.

From micro computers to super computers, every kind of computer is being constantly upgraded and bettered.

Computer & the average man

Today the average man has a computer at the end of his fingers. Directly or indirectly, every individual in any kind of work is either using a computer to do his or her work or is dependent on a computer being operated by someone else. While it is said that computers have replaced humans in many jobs, it has also resulted in creating new industries that are being fuelled by the greater demand of computers. Computers that replace humans have drastically reduced the cases of human error. Computers, have also ensured security of information that were earlier stored on papers and were susceptible to loss or damage. Using computers, we can make backups and store information in multiple locations so that we never lose our work. We can also password protect files, etc. to reduce the chances of unauthorised access.

In conclusion

The previous generation had to accept that computers are here to stay and make that transition to stay in tune with the changing times. The current generation was born in a world of computers and cannot imagine a world without them.





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