Essay on Cleanliness: Its Benefits and Importance

Cleanliness and sense of beauty can influence the life of an Individual

There is no denying the fact that cleanliness means giving up of all evil doings ingrained in cultural and social life.  Such cleanliness leads life controlled and free from corruption. A purely honest person tries to remain clean in all respects by virtue of God fearing sense in religious and spiritual life.  Suffice it to say that a real education can lead a life of real beauties in respect of mind and body. A sense of cleanliness people must succeed in life without any prejudice. The person who is circumstantially addicted to drugs and gambling, he cannot contribute anything to the well beings of the society. A person who has a sense of beauty of cleanliness can be a great man successfully. A great man is he who is free from all sorts of guilt in professional as well as academic life.


Basic knowledge of Cleanliness

About education, there are two concepts of learning, one is children learning and another one is adult learning and in this respect, according to the concept of children learning a child learns things from his parents and the environment. In case of environmental teaching, the spanking of the parents cannot be ignored. The knowledge of the children is developed from their early age, if he or she is brought up in a good environment, he must succeed to have a bright future in the long run; there is a proverb in English, knowledge is power and from knowledge, virtue and goodness flourish. So a wise personality must be found to be emerged in deep thought and cultivating knowledge.

Another concept is adult learning; we cannot teach any adult, we can only help them to learn, the impression of childhood of the children influences the later  life of the adult. The adult may choose their future profession and settle themselves in developing their career, a man who is fighting for a reasonable cause must be a great man in future. A clean man is he who is out of all ignorance and evil. An evil man is the curse of society. He lives in prejudice and dies through all sorts of unethical performances in society. He never follows the rules and regulations of social life. He remains spiritually dead during his lifetime as he does not contribute to anything to society.

A person who understands the concept of cleanliness, he cannot jeopardize his life by involving himself in evil doings. He must remain free from corruptions, misdeeds, terrorism, drug-addictions, superstitious rather he should be engaged in involving himself to be the harbinger of the humanity. He seems to be reserved in his way of life for which he must not suffer from in decisions. Hopeful and constructive should be the way of his  life and as such, he cannot do whatever he likes to do because of his honesty and sincerity. A good citizen should have sense of application of his knowledge and skills in any particular area. A good personality never likes to love hue and cry. He has responsiveness to sound as well as environment pollution. A clean person always keeps aloof from environment pollution. Even he remains alert about global warming.

A society cannot be harmed by his intervention illogically

A smart society tries to preserve such personalities who is clean and has sense of beauty globally. The person who is a burden of society due to his activities in the country, his thoughts are with the books of modern and ancient times, he is a good communicator with his fellow friends and he remains lamented when he commits wrong.

He never commits to any deeds  because he knows that a good performer must win in the long run for which rendering social service is the best way to serve the nation. An illiterate person cannot have good sense of knowledge in social and cultural life, he never be treated as a coward in society because he knows one message of William Shakespeare that cowards die many times before their death but valiant never taste of death but one.

A man who leads life controlled and cleanly maybe a clean person in respect of knowledge and skills being a man of parts who  always avoids chaos and confusion from the outside A person who is symbolically involved in corruption cannot enjoy free and prosperous life. The great personalities who have sense of beauty and cleanliness must succeed in life. There is a proverb in English that money is lost nothing is lost, health is lost something is lost but character is lost everything is lost.

Hence it is said that the crown and glory of a life is character. If we look around the world, we will find that every great man had sense of beauty and cleanliness. They were all sophisticated and model of truth to retaliate real life situations. It is said that a truth of beauty is a joy forever and as such, truth is beauty and beauty is truth.  A life is inanimate if there is no sense of beauty and cleanliness. The truth is confined to its beauty which is enlightened or embalmed with the pronounced cultivation of knowledge and art.


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