Essay on Mother Teresa – A Person of Integration

Mother Teresa: Spreading the Light

At the age of the only twelve years, Mother Teresa experienced strongly the call of the God. She recognized that she had to be a missionary to extend the love of the Christ. When she was only eighteen she left her   residence in the Skopje as well as joined the organization of the Loreto Sisters   an Irish community of the nuns with the missions in India. On the day of October 7, of 1950, Mother Teresa got  permission from the Sacred See to set up her own order, “The Great  Missionaries of the Charity”, whose main task was to love as well as care for those persons who are alone. For her great work with the poor around the world she acknowledged the 1979 Noble Peace Prize as well as the  Pope John XXIII Peace Prize in the year 1971 as well as India’s Jawaharlal Nehru Award for  the International Understanding in  the year 1972.

Mother Teresa

A restless and cranky baby can easily be pacified in her arms without any lines of annoyance on her forehead. The first thing that a baby can sense is his mother before anything else. When small she is the protector and care taker and when you grow up she becomes your mentor, teacher and the resort of courage and love. She is one person who will never allow you to fall or lose hope instead will always be the shining star in the dark passage of the competitive world. She is your mother and describing her in few words can never do justices to the persona like that of her’s.

“Small things are certainly little, but to be realistic in small things is animmense thing.”

These words of Mother Teresa are quoted in almost all the books ever compiled on her as she ardently believed that no act of kindness was too small and it is never wasted. Mother Teresa devoted her life helping ‘poorest of poor’ as she said, in one hundred and twenty countries. She inspired thousands of people by serving people in need and continues to do so, even years after her death in 1997.

People have written myriad books on Mother Teresa but there are only few best ones. Also the letters reveal the secrets she shared only with her closest confidants. These books reveal her service to the poorest of the poor. Mother’s obedience to the Church and her obedience in faith is literally a marvel of discipline and hardships.

A Trouble-free Path

Mother Teresa, in her own words, shares the opinion as well as experiences that have led her to do her unexpected charitable work. Anuncomplicatedpath way is a candid look at her daily life.

This book also informs the story of the Missionaries of the Charity, their principle as well as practice, along with the results of their tireless work. A straightforward Path features the uplifting  the words in addition to guiding the prayers of  the Mother Teresa along with those  person who work with her. Full of the wisdom as well as the hope, Mother Teresa is regarded as an utmost model of love in action in present times.

This was the beginning of many special gifts and signs given to this selfless servant of God. Humble, she never gave any importance to these gifts. But she never denied them either.

Above all, the life of Mother Teresa becomes more relevant to today’s broken world. His integrated personality teaches people to grow in every aspect of our life. The integral qualities of his life enable people to see and to relate with human persons, God and Nature differently. So he was an integrated person for life who is the role model for today’s broken world.

Person of Integration

It consists of three dimensions namely Ignatius – the Man of God, the Servant Leader, and the Lover of Nature. Today the world is growing at lightning speed in every field that promotes the life of Human beings. The specialization in each and every field is the core of the modern scientific development. There is no doubt that the miracle of development in science is a boon and blessing for the humanity. At the same time the specialization leaves the people and the entire universe in a havoc situation because of lack of an integrated approach. Today the integrated personality of St. Mother Teresa shows the way to heal the wounded humanity and the universe.

She was a clever person who had the capability to pick up rapidly on people as well as situations along with find explanation to their problems. Her clear as well as well formed writing style tells us how unbiased her personality was as well as how lucid she was regarding the outcome she anticipated of a situation. The woman had great level of the determination  as well as the broad mind to take in other peoples thoughts but also the capability to recognize what could be suitable as well as what wouldn’t.






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