English Learning: Why not try out Android Apps?

In case you are one of those who have excellent skills, amazing personality but lack English skills then relax. A single language cannot allow dimming your overall growth and advancement. What you can do is you can learn the English language and nail it for sure. After all, it is about working on you. If you think that you don’t have the time to go to a class then relax because you have a teacher right in your pocket!

Of course, do you own an android device like phone or tablet? If yes then there you go. There are many English learning applications that would give your language a boost and make you a better person at this. You can have a look at a few of the apps below for instant reference:


Before you begin to speak the language of English, you’ve got to focus on your pronunciation. ELSA: the application that stands for English Language Speech Assistant is going to be an interactive speaking app. it might help you speak English better by simply tuning your pronunciation in an effective manner. You might get to know where you pronounce words in a wrong way and you can rectify them right away. And of course, what is the point in case you are practicing speaking the sentences in an incorrect way by pronouncing the words in a wrong manner?

Once you start learning, this app application would ask your native language to find out how your English pronunciation is. Furthermore this app would also present you with a couple of common words and important phrases. It might examine the way of your pronunciation and help you get better on your skills as per the need. In this way you might get step-by-step help in your English pronunciation and turn out to be a better English speaker. This app would impart in you the particular types of syllables and sounds that you could be having trouble with.

English Learning


If you are looking for audiovisual learning and wish to learn to speak this language of English while you have fun, then this is the good app that is must for you. FluentU makes use of involving, authentic English videos.  The application owns content like talks; news and other content that might turn out to be helpful for you to listen well and consume great for your English speaking skills. You are definitely going to find a great improvement in your English speaking when you have this app and use it for some time. Every video in this application is available with interactive captions and it might provide you definitions and pronunciations for any word you could fail to recognize. So, you can give this application a try and find out how great it turns out to be for your English speaking endeavors.


Thus, if you are a learner and you have passion to ace at English language that nothing can stop you from doing that. Go ahead and do 9apps free download and this third party application would give you a free access to all these English applications and you can learn endlessly!






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