Top 10 Best Electrical Wires Brands in India 2017

Whether you are looking for the wiring & cabling of your house, your office building or your banquet hall, wiring is one such process that is both critical and significant to the safety of the place. Often there occur cases where, maybe due to cost cutting, family electricians, or some factor, people get to overlook proper cable verification. However, a little insouciance in this matter and a huge loss can be to its cause.

Wire and cable verification mainly involves identification and installation. Mostly, if your identification goes proper, installation would be automatically qualified. This can be done in two ways. One, if you have prior knowledge and experience of electrical cable technicalities and specifications. But in general, especially in India, majority of people don’t have sound knowledge of reading labels and all that. So, in this scenario, the best option is to choose a brand that promises safety and quality in your hands.

To help you choose from, down below is a list of Top 10 brands of electrical wires in India. Let’s read on.

10. LS Cable India


LS Cable India is a fully own subsidiary of LS Cable & System Private Limited, an electrical industry group based in South Korea. Over years since 1962, LS cables has been a trusted cable supplier n the global market. Its products mainly include RF Cables, Power Cables and RF Solutions. LS Cables constantly supplies special cabling and wiring solutions to the wiring industry, fire-proof cables and is the largest supplier of feed lines for Korea’s BTSs.


9. Coleman Cable (CCi)

Coleman Cable (CCi)

Coleman Cable holds a strong grip over the electrical supply chain with its enormous collection of products, mainly classified as Industrial, Assembled, Electronic and Copper Fabrication. The long list of CCl brands like MoonraysÒ, BaronÒ, CopperfieldÒ, WoodsÒ, SeopreneÒ etc. is just another extension of their stronghold on the industry. Their range of electrical wires consist of communication cables, portable cords, royal welding cables, machine tool wires and what not in wires.




Established in 1970, Diamond Infrastructure Private Limited is a leading & bulk producer of wires, cables, isolators, transformers, towers, relay panels, control panels and turnkey solutions from transmission up to distribution. All their products are certified by TAG Corporation, CPRI and Bureau of Indian Standards. Each cable is made in electrolytic grade with copper annealing that makes their wiring absolutely flame retardant.


7. Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Tech is one of the few companies that don’t just inspire new technology but with that they inspire a positive change too. Their vision has landed them at a pinnacle very few make it to. Among their many awards stands the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award, the AEGIS Graham Bell Award to name a few. Their data communication showcases itself in their data cables, LAN Cables, OFC cables and many such products.


6. K-Flex


Founded in 1989, K-Flex is an Italian company dealing in acoustic and thermal insulation. Among these, they service many other applications like shipbuilding, railways, fire stopping, Oil& Gas and solar energy. Their products like elastomers, jacketings and polyethylene are supplied in Italy, Russia, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Poland, UK, China and a total of 10 global markets.


5. Gupta Power Infrastructure

Gupta Power Infrastructure

Gupta Power is an example of people’s company turning to a people’s brand. Backed by reliability and research, they supply house wires, flexible, fire stopping, mining, lighting, instrumentation, thermonuclear extension, bunched aerial, control and conductors. They also provide EPC and wire rods. The Bhubaneshwar plant powered by Gupta Power produces voltage as high as 66kV.


4. Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables is a subsidiary company of Finolex Group. Their years of struggle seem to pay off with their name now counted in the Top 10 electrical companies in the country. From light duty to power, control and communication, they feature every sort of wire and cable that comes under industry’s requirements.


3. KEI Industries Ltd

KEI Industries Ltd

Since their inception in 1968, KEI has travelled a long journey that started with manufacturing Switchboard cables for DOT. They are the first player in Indian electrical industry to bring for the first time zero halogen cables and braided cables here. The company has a widespread reach in the cabling market. Their key products among others are LT cables, HT Cables and EHV Cables. Their registered office is located in Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi.


2. Polycab


When excellence lies in the quality, what more consumers need to rely on the supplier. Polycab is such a name. Since 1968, Polycab has been attracting customers, not just by chance but by their simple philosophy of safety and sustainability that comes packed with their products and hence, truly justifiable. Their tangle free, unsheathed insulation cables are proven to be better than any other, perhaps the best.


1. Havells India

Havells india

Havells India is the country’s leading FMEG manufacturer not just in manufacturing but supplying, not just in supplying but everything, actually. Their product band houses everything from switchgear, appliances, flexible cables, fans, lighting, water heater and multipurpose switches. Of course, it’s in their products but still more lies in their pursuit of core values that makes them get customer delight. Havells has two more power brands under its umbrella – Crabtree and Standard.


When safety resides in a place, people there can’t help but to feel good. Bring home safety with these wiring systems. Better still, choose according to your convenience and budget!






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