Dr Goral Gandhi: A leading Infertility Specialist at Indo Nippon IVF Clinic in Mumbai

Dr Goral Gandhi: A leading infertility specialist at Indo Nippon IVF in Mumbai talking about the causes of infertility and how to cope up with it.

According to the reports, the fertility rate of Indian couples has decreased rapidly by more than 50 percent in the recent times. The fertility rate has dropped drastically in the last 5 years as quoted from results of the surveys.

On interaction with Dr. Goral Gandhi, Scientific Director and IVF Expert, Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai, to understand and study the sudden fall in fertility rate especially in the urban population and the rise of fertility centers in India and abroad.

Indo Nippon IVF is a renowned clinic in Mumbai which treats “on an average about 20 international patients and 40 Domestic patients in a month.” Dr. Gandhi believes that, “The team at Indo Nippon IVF follows proper counseling of patients along with ethical practices and proper well being of all patients which will build a base in retaining our clients as we pledge to give them quality services along with high success rates.”

Dr Goral Gandhi on “Causes of infertility”

According to Dr Goral Gandhi the rising rate of infertility is primarily due to the irregular routines and unhealthy practices that the youth is following today.  Habits like smoking, obesity, consumption of alcohol etc are affecting the reproductive cycles of both men and women. Stress on the other hand has also been a crucial reason for hindering the personal and professional lives of both men and women, thus resulting in infertility. There are various medical reasons too, like blocked fallopian tubes which is a one of the major causes of not being to conceive naturally. The youth today is career driven, due to which their focus is primarily on being financially independent. The young lot of girls id breaking stereotypes as far as marriages are concerned due to which the level of fertility is continuously falls down by the time they decide to settle down. Goral Gandhi is an expert in Egg freezing and has equipped labs and facilities to help the young ladies overcome the problems associated with their biological clocks by retrieving their eggs and freezing them till the time when they decide to have a baby.

Dr Goral Gandhi says that diet that should be followed should be content rich and not insufficient, cause then it again leads to the road to infertility. Foods like whole fats, eggs, fish, almonds, dark chocolates, black beans, bell peppers, legumes, and yogurt really help. Also, regular workouts, yoga, and a brisk walk could boost your fertility.

How to cope up with infertility according to the fertility expert-

The urban population today should follow a healthy routine and a calculated lifestyle that does not include any unhealthy practices. Giving up on smoking and drinking would largely help.

The fertility expert can be reached at goral@indonipponivf.com or call her directly on +91-9821618106. To know about the clinic Indo Nippon IVF or Dr Goral Gandhi or Goral Gandhi News login to Indo Nippon IVF Clinic in Mumbai.

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