Difference Between Steam and Dry Iron

When you go to a shop for purchasing an iron, we miss out certain points like: which brand to take, exactly for which fabric we require an iron, and what quality should we look for? Shopkeeper shows us various product line/ segments of irons, but we have one answer just give iron which will press clothes properly.

We have saying five fingers are not same, but they perform certain duties and have unique skills. Likewise there are plenty number of iron, Steam and Dry Iron is one of them. See our list for the steam iron in India.

Hence comparing Steam  Iron and Dry Iron:

Steam iron is superior in terms of making the clothes get rid from crease in a faster and gentle way with less effort while Dry iron requires more pressure and is time consuming.

Steam iron works on the basis of water and generates steam according to the water level where as dry iron uses electricity. Hence, if there is no electricity no use of Dry iron.

Dry iron have no water tanks , so there is no fear of leaking but in case of steam iron  water may spill into iron boards this may cause accident.

Steam iron can be used as dry iron but not the vice –versa, so steam iron is a 2 in 1 function, you just need not switch off the steam function but in dry iron we cannot modify any changes.

Steam iron is more complex than a dry iron, steam iron may have different small holes and space for water tank which may be difficult for some people but dry iron is easy to use.


Both are unique, having both advantages and disadvantages. But as we know in a race, there is one winner or superior.






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