Colors TV Serial Naagin Mohabbat Aur Inteqaam Ki Dastaan WIki, Story, Main Cast Real Name with Pics

This serial is a supernatural story. It is produced by Balaji Telefilms and producer is Ekta Kapoor. This serial is one of the highest rated shows and had won various awards for this. This serial is into two parts. The first part of the serial started from 1st of November 2015 till 5th of June 2016. Presently second part is running and started from 8th of October 2016.

In the first season there two Ichadaari Naagin named as Shivanya and Shesha who want to take the revenge of their parents. Five of the people killed her parents, but Shivanya knew about only three those are Viren, Shailesh and Ankush. Shivanya went into their home as a main and their son Ritik fell in love with her. She married her for taking the revenge. She kills Viren as he had lust on her. From Shesha she got to know that Suri is the fourth murderer. Shivanya then killed Suri. Ankush and his family got to know that there is a threat to their lives. So they took the help of Guru- Maa.

Guru Maa attacks Shivanya with her powerful knife which leads her loss of their powers. She regained the power back from Lord Krishna and kills Shailesh. Shivanya fell in love with Ritik. Then she got to know that Yamini is the 5th murderer and got to know that she had kidnapped Ritik from her father as both Ritik and Shivanya could touch the Naagmani. They both have the sign of their body which is there on Suryavanshi. Shesha also started loving Ritik but tried to control herself. But Yamini got to know this and took the benefit of her weakness. Shesha become the enemy of Shivanya.The Maheshmati kingdom of bees from where, king Vikram and queen Avantika came in order to take the Naagmani. Ritik got to know about her father. He then joins with Shivanya and protected Naagmani. They got the boon that they can stay with each other, but their child could be a Naagin and Shivanya get pregnant with the Ritik child.

When the second season came both Shivanya and Ritik was seen running and suddenly Shivanya slips and felt sudden pain in her stomach. Shivanya was taken by Ritikto hospital and had given birth to a girl. They were surprised that she gave birth in around three months.Now Shivanyawas living a normal life and Ritik was dead. She does not want her child to be an Ichadari Naagin and took the advice from Guruji. He told him to marry Shivangi before she attains the age of 25 years. Ankush younger brother’s son Rocky loves Shivangi. Shivanya agrees to marry Shivangi with Rocky without knowing that he is related to Yamini. On the day of marriage Yamini, Avantika, Shesh and other kill all the family members of Shivangi. Shivanya wear the dress of the bride and came. Shesha killed Shivanya thinking that she is Shivangi. Later on Shivangi got to know the past of her mother. In the eyes of Shivanaya there were faces of her murderer, which Shivangi saw and taken a vow of revenge. Then she married to Rocky so that she could take revenge from his family.

1. Mouni Roy as Shivanya/ Shivangi 

Mouni Roy

Real name of Shivangi character is Mouni Roy. She started her career with the TV serial Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and after that done various serially. She took part and won Zara Nachke Dikha in the year 2008.

2. Arjun Bijlani as Ritik 

Arjun Bijlani

Real name of Ritik character is Arjun Bijlani. He started his career in TV in the serial Kartika. Later he did various serials and is noticed for his work. He had received the Gold Award for Best Actor in 2016 for serial Naagin.

3. Karanvir Bohra as Rocky 

Karanvir Bohra

Real name is Karanvir Bohra. He was a child artist and worked in Tejaa. Later on he started in a TV career in 1999- 2000 for the serial Just Mohabbat and did various serials and reality shows.

4. Sudha Chandran as Yamini 

Sudha Chandran

Real name is Sudha Chandran. She started her career with the film in Telugu named as Mayuri and got a Special Jury Award for this at National Film Awards in 1986. She had done various films and serials.

5. Adaa Khan as Shesha /Ruchika 

Adaa Khan

Real name is Adaa Khan. She started her career as a Model. She had started her career in TV from the serial Palampur Express and later on doing various serial and won many awards.







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