Know Your Property Chandigarh Land Records Search Online [2019]

Located just 250 Kms from Delhi is this beautiful city Chandigarh. The city is not just beautiful but it is one of the well-planned city in India. Because of proximity to Delhi, the city has developed as a hub for investments. There are IT Giants like Infosys in Chandigarh which attracts a lot of population.

In addition to this, Chandigarh is also surrounded by farmlands so even the primary sector has been helping in the growth of the city. If you wish to invest somewhere in real estate and if you are not able in invest in Delhi because of the High Prices then we would suggest you to explore Chandigarh. Now just like Delhi or any other part of the country, you might have doubts about the validity of the real estate deal you are getting in Chandigarh.

To kill this doubt, we would suggest you to verify the land records for the properties in Chandigarh. The advantage of this procedure is the fact that the process is online and hence you do not have to worry about running from pillars to post to verify the details. In addition to this, the details can’t be manipulated as they are made available directly by the government department.

Moreover, investing 5 minutes to check the land records can save lakhs of your rupees. So, go ahead and follow the process listed below to verify the land records for the plot you are interested in buying in Chandigarh

Steps to Search for Property Land Records Online in Chandigarh

Step 1: As mentioned earlier, the land records in Chandigarh are made available with help of the website of the Chandigarh Administration so to begin the search of the land record, you need to visit this official website. The link to the website is

Step 2: On the website, you can scroll below and refer to the section for How Do Under this section, click on Know Property Details. If you are not able to find the correct link then follow


Step 3: Once you are on this new page, you will be prompted to enter the file number or the property details. It is highly unlikely that you will know the file number so go ahead and enter the plot number and sector number. Click on the search button after entering these details.

Step 4: Once you click on the search button, you will see the details of the matching records which would include file number, property number, sector number and address. Locate the property that you wish to find the details for and click on the file number.

Step 5: The land records will now be displayed on the next page and you will be able to check all the details from these land records.

This was the process to check the land records in Chandigarh. The best part about this website is that it integrates all the services offered by Chandigarh Administration under one umbrella. If you are still looking for additional help then you can get in touch with the SDM Office in your area.

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