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  • Which size chimney is best for the kitchen?

    Choosing the chimney size is a bit essential because a chimney is the storehouse of the kitchen. The right size of the duct will let you throw out most fumes and fog outside the kitchen. This article describes some of the rules of thumb. It gets used to finding the chimney size in diameter and […]

  • Hand Juicer Machine Advantages and Disadvantages

    Juices are always considered to be the best ones to improve health. In the present time, it is possible with the help of advanced machines and tools. Hand juicers are the most effective tools that can help you in this process. It is with a hand juicer that you can get fresh and yummy juices. […]

  • 3 Things You Can Do With an Induction Stove

    Are there unlimited recipes to cook on an Induction Stove? MIGHT BE, YES! But if you are bored of cooking the same recipes every day, here are 3 mouthwatering recipes you should try to cook on the Induction stove. These recipes will also bring an end to your boredom in this lockdown. So, let’s begin […]

  • Top 5 Best Gas Stoves in India

    In the past, people used wood to cook.They took wood by cutting trees and cooking also took a long time. That time changed now, we all are using an advanced type of cooking stoves like a gas stove, electric stove, induction cooktop. Most Indians’ kitchen occupied by gas stoves only, due to itseven flame distribution, […]

  • Top choices of electric kettles in India

    Electric kettles boil water, brew tea and coffee, boil eggs and perform many other tasks requiring heating and boiling liquids in much lesser time as compared to conventional kettles. Modern electric kettles also come equipped with automatic shut-off feature which shuts down the kettle as soon as the boiling temperature is reached. Electric kettles come […]

  • Top 5 Best kitchen chimney Brands in India

    In cooking, there are different things which one needs to do in the kitchen. Especially in India, the work is mainly done in a kitchen is like frying, grilling, and there is more use of oils and spices. When these are mixed, then it gives a special kind of aroma, but with this, there are […]

  • 10 Air-Fryer Tips & Tricks Owners Should Know

    As air-fryers are becoming more and more popular in people’s kitchens, there are some essential tips and tricks that every user of these appliances should know. Many people use their air-fryers in very limited ways, not knowing that there are a whole lot of things that can be done with them! So, here are some […]