Bigg Boss 4 Kannada 2016 Contestants Name With Pics & Eliminations

Bigg Boss Kannada, a South Indian version of the Bigg Boss show has been making quite a headline in this past week. Adhering to leaks on the names of participants, the show has become one of the hot-picked topics to chatter at current. With the schedule for a 4th season on the cards, we thought of diving into the topic with the news that we’ve gathered all along.

But hey, how about we start out with some trivia and info’s on Bigg Boss before getting into the stride. That shall help qualm a few of queries too.

What’s Bigg Boss?

Based on the concept of Big Brother, whereby a few contestants are set-up in purpose built homes to live as housemates, the show has made quite a streamline success in the TV genre. The housemates are tasked with chores and activities that shall regard their status-quo at the house. The show goes on for a period of time with the finale commemorating the winner. The winner is awarded cash reward along with winner’s credentials.

Bigg Boss Kannada

Bigg Boss Kannada made its rounds adhering to the success of the Bigg Boss show and has seen 3 seasons till date with the 4th one scheduled ahead. The show features celebrities in form of housemates and features strict guidelines.

The show is entirely based on Kannada language and bars any participants to use other languages. The show has been hosted by Kannada Superstar Kiccha Sudeep for past 3 seasons and he is expected to take the role for upcoming season too.

Rules of the Show

The purpose built homes are deprived of internet connection, television connection, telephone connection and more. Basically, cutting off the connection with the outer world. However, the house does feature modern amenities like gym, swimming pool, garden and more.

The contestants are not allowed to sleep during the day and are entitled to engage in chores. Non-compliance of the rules can result in eviction and elimination.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 Contestants

The current phantom gearing around the news speculates a list with popular names that’s primed as Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 participants is here with pics:

1. Kavya Shah

2. Vanisri

3. Sparsha Rekha

4. Sheetal Shetty

5. Pratham

6. Niranjan Deshpande

7. Mohan

8. Kirik Keerthi

9. Karunya Ram

10. Dodda Ganesh

11. Chaitra

12. Bhuvan Ponannaa

The list also includes senior actress Sudharani, Priya Hassan, ‘Ganna Bajaana’ Tarun, Tara along with social commentator Kirik Keerthi. Another name that’s in the news is Yogish, who previously had appeared as a guest in the first season. However, Bigg Boss production team or the Colors channel have neither come forward to confront the news or approved it. (Guess we all know how this pans out.)

The show is stipulated to have 14 contestants who will be set-up at the purpose-built home in Innovative Film City, Bangalore. Sudeep, Kannada superstar is contracted to host the 4th season as he has done for the past 3 seasons. The show is scheduled to be aired from the last week of October this year.

Bigg Boss Kannada Past Winners

Season 1- Vijay Raghavendra

Season 2- Akul Balaji

Season 3- Shruti

We hope to have quenched your queries on the matter. We shall be back with some more on the news at the earliest instance. Stay tuned in.

The first elimination of bigg boss kannada 4 2016 was Vanisri, there were 4 contestants who were nominated for elimination names Pratham, Sanjana Chidanand, Vanisri and Bhuvan Ponappa.



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