List of Bhaagam Bhaag Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

It is another serial that is focused on the kids. You and your kids will love to watch it. Earlier, the film was released in the year 2006. The people loved it and so it became a hit one. Keeping this in mind, the director has made the serial for the kids and younger ones. It will be much more entertaining and enjoyable for them.

The film that was released in 2006 gained a lot of fame and reputation. The junior serial has also been loved by the people. You will like to watch the serial along with your kids. This will remind you about the actual film that was released long back. It can be a memorable one.

Introduction of Bhaagam Bhaag:

Bhaagam Bhaag Cartoon

It is one of the most favorite serials that is loved by the juniors. It is mainly directed at the little ones. You and your kids will love to watch it. The characters in this serial are so funny that you will love to watch their activities. The serial appears to be interesting and exciting at the same time. Here come some of the main characters of the serial. Some of the noted ones are Sunny, Babla, and many others.


The role of sunny is vital in this serial. He is always late for school. This is because he always thinks of absurd things. Because of this unmindful act, he faces several issues. It is the central part of the serial, and it continues. Most of his unnatural acts are mainly due to his thoughts. He is a smart and handsome boy. All the viewers of this serial love him.


He is another essential character of this serial. He plays a crucial role in this serial. They are good friends. It is found most of the acts that are found here is because of these two persons. Babla are a jolly person who gets mixed with the people. They create many nuisances that make other people irritated. He is another main character of this serial. It would help if you allowed your kids to observe this serial.

Apart from this, you can also find other characters in this serial that are funny and nice. All of them are amazing and perform in the best possible manner. Your kids will love to spend a long time viewing this serial. It is seen that all the characters in this serial are colorful and attractive. All the episodes are much exciting and promsing. Champak is another strong character of this serial. He is also considered to be the essential character of this serial. It would help if you tried to watch this serial for complete entertainment.

The other characters of this serial are so lovely and good that it attracts many people and viewers. If you start watching this serial, you will never like to leave it. The various roles and activities that Sunny and Babla do are fabulous. You must try to involve most of your kids to watch these series.






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