Best Time To Visit Bengaluru

Bengaluru or Bangalore is one of the most popular cities in India. It is the capital of Karnataka and is also known to be one of the most modern and vibrant cities in India. The city is well developed and is a huge IT hub. The city has an amazing climate all year around and is also referred to as the ‘air conditioned city’ for a good reason. IT is one of the booming sectors in Bengaluru and while the population here is high, it has some of the most amazing parks and gardens that you will enjoy visiting. This is a lively city that is enthusiastic and fun to visit.

About Bengaluru


There is an age old story that is told about the story of Bengaluru. The Hoysala King in the 11th century Veera Ballal II was lost while on a hunting expedition. He roamed the forest tired and hungry. This is when he came across an old lady who offered him boiled beans to eat. The king who was thankful to the lady decided to name the place ‘benda-kaal-uru’ which translates to ‘town of boiled beans’. This name eventually evolved and changed to Bengaluru. Many scholars believe that Bengaluru was established by Kempegowda in 1537. Bengaluru gained prominence as a fortress city during the reign of the great Hyder Ali and his warrior son Tipu Sultan.

Things To Do

Bengaluru is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer. There are a number of things that you could do while in the city in order to make your trip a memorable one. There are some of the best botanical gardens that display some of the most exquisite flowers and plants. There are also some amazing water fountains, museums, temples and a fort that you must include on your ‘places to visit when in Bengaluru’ list.

Shopping here is amazing and you can pick up some of the best rosewood carvings, tribal jewellery silk and more. The city is also packed with some amazing designer stores and popular restaurants that serve up some amazing meals.

Best Time To Visit

Bengaluru is renowned for amazing weather all year round. The best time to visit this city is in the month of October. This is due to the weather being extremely pleasant and the month also marks the beginning of the festive season as well. The months to avoid Bengaluru are between July and September. The temperature during summers varies between 20 degrees and 36 degrees. The temperature in winters varies between 15 degrees and 27 degrees.

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