Best Time To Visit Belur

Belur is a beautiful town which is best known for its temples. The town is about 16 kms away from Karnataka and was once the main centre for the great empire which was ruled by the Hoysalas during the 12th century. Belur is best known for the exquisite temples which prominently display the rich architecture skills of the Indian artists. The Hoyasala architecture is one of the most prominent things that you will notice across all the temples in Belur.

While there are a number of places that you could choose to take a trip to, Belur is one of those places that is different and will give you a fresh approach on Indian architecture. It is a calm and soothing destination.

About Belur


Belur was part of the Hoysala Empire between the 12th and 13th century. Belur was the very first capital of the vibrant Hoysala Empire. The Hoysalas were hill tribes living in the Western ghats. They served as feudatories for many years to the Chalukyas. When Vishnuvardhana became the king of Hoysalas, the capital was changed to Halebid. During Vishnuvardhana’s rule, many wonderful temples came up in Belur. The most prominent of these was the Hoysaleshwara temple.

Things To Do

Belur is amazing place to visit if you are interested in ancient Indian architecture. The town has rich cultural heritage and is a great place for sightseeing. If you’re in Belur make sure you visit the Hoyasaleshwara temple and Chenakeshava temple which have the best architecture you will witness. There are a lot of dance festivals that are celebrated within the temples of these towns. The town is one of the best places for people who are looking for spiritual solace. When in Belur, you can buy some amazing terracotta items and Panchaloha statues.

Best Time To Visit

Belur is best visited when the weather is pleasant. The time between October and April is considered to have the best weather. The biggest advantage of visiting Belur during these months is you can get to attend the very popular Hoysala Festival or the Hoysala Mahotsava that is held in March. This is one of the grandest festivals celebrated here. While summers get really hot in Belur, the winter is extremely pleasant with temperatures not dropping below 24ºC. Belur receives amazing rain as well due to which the town receives a beautiful green cover making it look like an emerald.






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