Best Time To Visit Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

Ayodhya is one of the oldest cities in Ayodha and is a large attraction to Hindu devotees. Ayodhya has a number of tourist attractions that you can visit. Most of these attractions religious temple visits and this place is flocked with visitors each year to come and pay their respects to these temples. Ayodhya is the religious center for Hindus and the birthplace of Lord Sri Rama. It is one of the most visited destinations for religious purposes.



Ayodhya is a city of great religious importance. This city is one of the holiest cities in faiths including Hinduism, Jainism, Islam and Buddhism. It is believed that the city of Ayodhya was made by the Gods and it is as prosperous as heaven. The powerful kingdom of Kosala had Ayodhya as their capital for a long time. Ayodhya was also the most popular trade center in 600 BC.

Things To Do

Ayodhya has a number of tourist attractions that you can visit. While most of these attractions are of religious importance to Hindus there are still a number of people who belong to different religions too. When in Ayodhya, make sure you visit the Hanuman Garhi which is a central part of the tour. This temple has some amazing architecture that you can check out. There are also a large number of Jain temples in Ayodhya that you can visit. You can also pay a visit to the Kanak Bhawan which is also known as the ‘Sone-ka-Ghar’ and has Lord Sri Rama and Sita with gold crowns. Another popular temple here is the Nageshwarnath Temple where Shivratri is celebrated in all splendor.

Ayodhya is also known for some beautiful museums that you can visit.

Other popular religious sites include the Babri Masjid – Ram Janam Bhumi, Ram Katha Museum, Sumantanath and Ramkot Citadel.

Best Time To Visit

Ayodhya has a pleasant climate all year around, however during summer the temperature can go up to as high as 42 degree C and if you can’t tolerate the heat then it is best to avoid visiting this city during summer. The monsoon arrives in Ayodhya from July to September and this is the best time to visit this city. Aydhya does not receive very heavy rainfall and the climate remains cool during this time of the year making it easy and convenient to travel around and visit multiple temples. This is the best time to visit Ayodhya. Winters too are a good time to visit the city if you don’t like venturing out in the rain too much. Winters here are cold, so carry warm clothes if you want to visit the city between October to March.






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