Best Time To Visit Angul, Odisha

Angul or Anugul is a new district in the state of Odisha which was formed in 1993. This district is known for its lush land, green forests and a large variety of wildlife. The river of Mahanadi passes through this district forming the largest 22 km gorge in India. The gorge is popularly known as ‘Satkosia’ and is an ideal habitat for crocodiles. There is a large variety of crocodiles in this area. Since this is a fairly new district, it is not very commercialized and makes the perfect destination for a quiet and peaceful holiday. If you are looking for a place that is not overloaded with tourists, is natural and beautiful then Angul is an ideal place to visit.

About Angul

Jagannath Temple, Angul

Anugul is very different from most of the other popular tourist destinations you will find. This district is still in all its natural beauty and has a great variety of wildlife that you can witness.

Anugul or Angul gets its historical significance from the rich state of Odisha which was formed during ancient times. Odisha is a very colorul state that is beautiful and has an amazing cultural heritage. The district of Angul stands true to the state and has a fresh and beautiful approach.

Things To Do

When in Angul, there are a number of things you can do. There are some beautiful temples you can visit which include the Budhi Thakurani and the Jagannath Mandir. The latter is the second largest temple in Odisha.

Another popular tourist spot is the Satikosia Tiger Reservation Project where you can find a variety of wildlife including tigers and crocodiles.

When in Angul make sure to visit the Deulajhari which is a hot springs that originates below a Shivlinga. The springs deliver hot water all year around which is considered to be a miracle.

If you’re a coffee lover, you will get some to taste some of the best coffee here. Make sure to visit some shops that sell freshly ground coffee powder for you to take home.

Best Time To Visit

Angul lies in the state of Odisha which is known to have harsh summers. This state is also famous for hailstones during the monsoon which is why the best time to make a trip here is during winters. The winters are not too cold and you will enjoy sightseeing during this time of the year.

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