Best Time to Visit Ajmer

Ajmer is a beautiful city that lies in Rajasthan. This city is roughly about 130kms from Jaipur. Ajmer is a city that is surrounded by the Aravalli hills and is one of the most popular tourist destinations . People from all over the world flock this city to witness the long told tales about the great romances, the velour and heroism. While the Muslims come here in huge numbers to visit the Dargah of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Hindu’s flock the city to witness Pushkar that marks the abode of Lord Brahma.

About Ajmer


Ajmer is one of the oldest cities in India which was founded in the 7th century by a King named Ajaipal Chauhan. He had named the city Ajaimeru which means the ‘Invincible Hill’. The king had also constructed a Taragarh which was the first ever hill fort in India that was of high importance to the king. Ajmer faced turbulent times during the Mughal rule, but was finally declared as a province in 1556 by Emperor Akbar.

Things To Do

One of the main reasons people flock the city of Ajmer is to visit the Dargah Sharif which is of great importance to Muslims around the world. However, apart from the Dargah there are a number of things that you can do here. The streets of Ajmer are popular and you will find some of the most scrumptious food on the streets of this city. There are also some amazing things that you can shop for here including the famous ‘bandhani’ or ‘tie and die’ saris, ‘dupattas’ or scarfs, traditional footwear, ‘ittar’ or fragrance and antique jewelry. Another thing that this city is popular for is the Pushkar Mela that attracts a large number of Hindu’s. This city is the holy ground for Hindu’s as well as Muslim’s.

Best Time To Visit

Ajmer lies in state of Rajasthan which is a dessert area. This makes the summers in this region unbearably hot. It is best to avoid visiting Ajmer during this time of the year. The Ajmer pilgrimage is during the months of May- June which is when the heat is at its peak. If you can bear the heat then taking a trip here is fine, if not, try to avoid it. The best time to visit Ajmer is during winter which is around the months of November to March. The Pushkar fair is in the month of November, so you can try to visit during that time to have some fun in the city.

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