Benefits of Aadhaar Card linking to Death Certificate

Though linking up Aadhaar card with the death certificate is not compulsory yet the government identifies it as a crucial step in overcoming the crimes related to Identity Theft. The Unique Identification Authority of India has been campaigning to get the senior citizens enrolled in the Aadhaar card.

There are a number of benefits if Aadhaar Card is linked to Death Certificate. Listed below:

This is to ensure that the benefits of the Government’s welfare scheme are appropriately used. In the past many such cases came to light wherein someone else was reaping the benefits against someone who died.

Since aadhaar card is a biometric number, accurate identification will be done for all and no compromises shall be made. The crimes related to “identity theft” will come to a halt.

The family will be required to produce strong evidence in case a person dies but any false declaration will make them face a lot of heat by the authorities.

The benefits of the subsidies to the deceased will now not be compromised and there will a written declaration – to the best of their knowledge – to be given by the family if the Aadhaar card number is not known.

Since the Aadhaar card is now linked to the bank accounts, the family members of the deceased would not be able to get the benefits of subsidies unless they are the legal heirs to the money. Also the banks can close down the accounts of the deceased people to make rooms for the new accounts.


This is another strong move by our Government to curb illegal activities like Identity theft and stealing the subsidies of a deceased person. Every adult or a senior citizen has to get enrolled to the Aadhaar card before 30th September 2017. As of now Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya and Assam are left out from this step.






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