List of Bapu Cartoon Zee5 Characters & Cast Names

If you want to teach the little ones of your family some good morals and ethics, you must try to insist your kids in this serial. Bapu is one of the most happening and lovely serials that are loved by kid’s people of all ages and groups. He is the idol of Mahatma Gandhi. He will teach you many things. Bapu and his friends will help people to come out from various problems and issues. It is the central part of the serial.

Introduction of Bapu cartoon serial:

It is another iconic serial in Zee5 that you and your kids will love. The serial is designed in the best possible Bapu is a character that will teach your kids about some good behaviors and habits. He is a man of strong personality and ethics. He will love to handle the kids from any dangers. He is a cool-minded person who has immense power in his hands. The emphasis is none other than his words. These words are so lovely and helpful that you will get positive feedback. If you find that your kid is becoming rigid and stubborn, you must start showing him this serial.

Bapu Cartoon zee5


Bapu is a strong follower of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. He believes in some good thoughts and beliefs. He always shows the right path to the kids. You will feel a great time watching these series. The character of Bapu is beautifully designed, and he is always found wearing a white cloth. He also takes a stick while walking. All these resemble his role in the society. What are you thinking now? Start showing this serial, to your kids and it will be loved and praised by them.

The round-shaped spectacles that are worn by Bapu remind us about the earlier leader. It reminds us about the pure soul that existed long ago. The serial teaches the kids how to stay away from evil things and lead a simple life. It teaches that wordly things have no existence in the future. It will compel the students and the kids to be happy in any situation. You can be least assured that your child can learn many things from this serial. You must never miss watching any of the episodes of this serial. It is an essential character of this serial.

This is the high time when you should indulge your kids in learning something good and friendly.  If you look back, you will see that how Bapu struggled to give independence to the citizens. He always played a vital role in reforming society. Similarly, Junior Bapu is also playing the same position. He is trying to improve and teach the junior ones of our community to lead a simple and beautiful life. He will teach the kids some morals of life that can help in spending the life wonderfully. You will develop respect for elderly people. It is an amazing serial that the parents admire. It would help if you always provoked your kids to watch such serials that can provide some ethics of life.






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