How To Apply For ST Caste Certificate Online In Delhi, Eligibility Criteria, Documents

Scheduled Tribes are also known as Adivasi and the government of India passed an Act in 1935 to provides certain privileges to SC, ST, and OBC. The constitution of India has created again in 1950 and the changes were made as per the changing times. In 1990, another amendment was made and later the amendments were made again. As per the records, India has about 8.6% of the population which falls under this category. The government took steps for the welfare of these people by making Protective Arrangements and by helping the category in developing by offering financial aid as well as reservation in the field of Education and Jobs. In this article, we have listed all the information about the issuance of ST Caste Certificate through Online Medium

What is ST Caste Certificate?

The privileges provided to the ST can often be misused by the people who don’t fall under the category. Hence to distinguish between the different categories, the government started issuing a caste certificate which acts as an ID proof. The only difference is that this caste certificate is used as a proof of the caste.

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain the ST Caste Certificate?

The eligibility criteria to obtain the ST caste certificate is mentioned below.

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India and he should fall under one of the 645 district tribes acknowledged by the National Legislation. The list of such tribes is available on the web.
  • The person should have all the relevant ID proof and documents for the application of the caste certificate.

Steps to Apply for ST Caste Certificate through Online Medium

To apply for ST Caste Certificate, follow the steps mentioned below. You can also take reference from the screenshot attached in case of any confusion.

1. First of all, you would require navigating to the following website This will display Delhi District’s website. Once the website has been loaded, you can click on Register User Login button and register as a user. The initial screen would request for basic details like ID number and name.

ST Caste Certificate

2. After entering the details, click on continue button and a form will be displayed. Fill in the form and ensure that you enter the correct mobile number. The login details would be shared with you via SMS on your mobile number.

3. Now you will have to login to the website and the dashboard will be displayed. The screenshot of the dashboard has been attached below

4. Now, you may proceed to the application procedure by clicking on Apply Online and then Clicking on Apply for Services. As you click on the button, a list of the forms will be displayed. A screenshot of the same has been attached below.

5. From this list, you can click on Apply button corresponding to the 5th This will display a form. Fill the form and attach the required document.

6. After attaching the documents, click on submit button and the form will be shared with the officials for the verification. Post verification, the certificate will be issued in 14 days.






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