How To Apply For SC Caste Certificate Online In Delhi

India had a widespread caste system in past and because of that, there is a specific group of people who were at a major disadvantage. One such group was of Scheduled Caste. The people under certain caste were not allowed to work or were not allowed to obtain an education. Because of this, they remained backward and later on this proved to be a major reason for their poverty. To overcome such issues, the government of India made special provision in the constitution for these people. As per the law, the people falling under the Scheduled Caste get certain privileges which range from social benefits to educational and financial benefits. Reservation is also given on basis of caste. In this article, we have listed all the details about applying for the Scheduled Caste Certificate through Online Medium.

What is SC Caste Certificate?

As per one of the estimates, the Scheduled Caste makes about 16.6 % of total India’s population. These people get reservation status and guaranteed political representation as well. To avail these benefits, the person needs to have an SC Caste Certificate which is issued by the government. The certificate basically helps the people in availing the benefits offered by the government. Today, it is possible to apply for the certificate through an online medium as well.

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain the SC Caste Certificate?

The eligibility criteria to Obtain SC Caste Certificate is

  • The person applying for the caste certificate should be an Indian citizen.
  • The person applying for the caste certificate should also belong to Scheduled Caste. Any false information given can lead to a criminal case against the person.
  • Various ID proof, address proof and the documents from the father are also required for the application procedure.

Steps to Apply for SC Caste Certificate through Online Medium

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for an SC Caste Certificate through online medium. It is also possible to apply for the certificate through an offline medium but the online medium is quick and easy. The steps are –

Firstly you can navigate to the district government website of Delhi. The link of the website is

SC Caste Certificate

Now, you would require to log in to the website as a user. If you have not registered yet, you can register via a link which is provided on the home page. Also, ensure that you have your Aadhaar or voter ID before registering for the website as the website requires an ID Number.

After registering, you can click on Apply Now and then click on Apply for services. This will show you a list of services that you can apply for.

The website can be used for various application but as of now, we are applying for SC Caste certificate so click on Issuance of Caste (SC) Certificate.

Now, you would require to fill in a form and after filling the form, you will also have to upload all the documents.

On successful verification of the form, the SC Caste Certificate would be issued to you in 14 working days.






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